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Thanks for visiting my profile.

I'm Nur and a local tour provider in western Mongolia, Bayan Olgiy province. I worked 7 years in this field and we organize all kinds of tours here by questions of travelers like tailor-made, off-road, horse riding, trekking, hiking, film making tours even help travelers to find their hotels or domestic flight tickets here without any fees and any others.

We have been working with 10-20 years experienced drivers and always double-check all things of our trips and customer cares, who gave excellent reviews for our services.

If explain western Mongolia. Here are the places such a spectacular scenery of a Mongolian highest spot Altai Tavan Bogd national park and beautiful Khoton lake areas and waterfall, where you can get experienced with nomadic people and their lifestyle even stay with a local family, golden eagle and its trainer.

We promise, you will never be boring and kind of like these things will make your travel happier.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you may have further questions.

Fluent English and Russian, semi-pro level photographer. Like to know new things in every day and case of that very knowable in nomadic life and Kazakh, Mongolian history.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 7

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9 received reviews (100% positive, 9/9)


I'd like to give a big thank you to Nur for making my 1st time in Mongolia an unforgettable experience! I booked my tour less than a week before my arrival. Nur responded promptly to my queries, took note of my tour preferences (what places I wanted to see and experience), suggested additional activities, and had everything planned out seamlessly in such short notice. I flew to Olgii not knowing what to expect except to be stuck in the cold wilderness for 6 days. But Nur welcomed me warmly at the airport and we drove to a mountaintop beside Olgii so I could enjoy a bird's eye-view of the city!! Breathtaking! A sign of good days to come! Nur is a local of Bayan-Olgii and a very experienced photographer. This gave me a huge advantage as a tourist to experience the culture, food, and traditions from a local's perspective (and Nur gave me a crash course on photography and social media marketing!). I learned how to make buuz, and after an hour of practice, I finally made the perfect buuz! I spent a few days with the families of Sailau and Jinsbek and it was a very enriching and inspiring experience. Nur taught me a few Kazakh words that came in handy when we visited eagle hunter homes. He answered every question I had, big or small. From how do eagles hunt foxes, to what material the nomad winter houses are made of, to why does Jinsbek carry a rifle (ans: protection against wolves). I learned how to ride a horse and a camel. I learned how the locals make tsuivan, besbarmak, and the ubiquitous milk tea.

I held my breath when Jinsbek's eagle flew straight to my arm! The power of these ferocious birds is unmistakeable, I am slowly understanding the bond between hunter and eagle. Sailau's family taught me several traditional songs on the dombra (2-stringed instrument like a guitar) and Nur sang for us---he's got an AMAZING voice!! I taught them how to TikTok (lol!). They showed me their life in the steppe and I showed them my life in the city. Nur and the families were so warm and proudly shared their culture with me, I felt like I was among family and friends. The tour service was luxurious to say the least; we travelled by 4x4, we had really warm sleeping bags and blankets, and we had homemade meals with the families. It was the perfect intro to living a nomad life.

Best part is when we visited Jinsbek's house which has a 360-degree view of the vast Sagsai steppe, with purple mountains towering in the distance and rivers quietly snaking through the earth. It was the kind of landscape that takes your breath away every time. Nur took me on a walking tour through grazing yaks and goats, and I had my mouth hanging open as we walked through the vast steppe.

I would highly recommend Nur to everyone planning to visit Mongolia. These guys know how to exceed expectations and give you a tour of a lifetime!!!

- Jon (solo female traveller)

Jonahlyn about listing Eagle Hunter Tour with Nur 6 months ago.
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This is my first time signing up for trips with Nur, and I highly recommend this company. I did a Ulaanbaatar city tour, Chingghis Khan Statue tour, ger stay and a horse riding expedition with them for the western most part of Mongolia during 10 days trip.

First off all everything was easily arranged. Oitolgan replies promptly and gives really good advice and answered all my queries.

The Western Mongolia was the highlight of my travel. It included an unforgettable visit to the stunning Altai Bogd National Park, with several nights camping and a long kilometer return horse trek to the base camp of Mount Tavan Bogd close to the borders of Russia, Kazakhstan and China. It was a wonderful and most extraordinary adventure.

The 10 day expedition was definitely the highlight of my trip. Pretty much everything was provided for, and Nur really knows how to camp and ride in style. They pay attention to details and logistics and provide all equipment in pristine condition, very comfortable saddles, a packing list and even take note of your food preferences.

Overall, the whole trip takes you through spectacular scenery and gives you an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. Hands down, it is one of the best trips of my life and I would do it all over again. Fingers crossed, I will be able to join another trip in the future.

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Hi. Everybody I visited Mongolia last summer. This country is breathtaking if you are seeking great mother nature and art of landscapes especially west cost of Mongolia. This agency Nur is a professional organized agency. i glad to chiose them had such splendid time traveling to Mongolia. I would suggest this agency If you are looking forward to visit west cost of Mongolia. I’m looking forward to go back to Mongolia and this people will my travel alot easier.

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Last summer, I went to Mongolia for the first time. A few years ago, I had been told by a colleague about this agency. Oitish and the guides from the agency picked me up from the Olgii Airport. I started exploring the very rich Kazakh culture from that moment. Not only were they professional and knowledgeable, but they were also easy to get along and be friends with as their hospitality was something I have never experienced before. We went to his house to eat Besbarmak, a well-known Kazakh meal, which was served just fabulous! I felt like home and most comfortable throughout my time there. We went to all the tourist attractions in the town (e.g Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, The Eagle Huntress's hometown) in such a short time. Of course, there were some logistical challenges as far as the roads concerned. However, Oitish did an excellent job on tackling this sort of issues with his back-up plans and witty humors (yes, he is a very funny guy). Nur's is of fantastic crew and can be trusted by all means, unlike other agencies who give you unpleasant impressions.

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I have come to know this team on a personal level. They are wonderful people. They have worked in the industry before and know the ins and outs and have extensive knowledge of the region they serve. There English skills are above many of the others in the industry as well. If you are looking for a wonderful experience in the Altai region I certainly recommend going with them.

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I highly recommend you go with Nur's tour company-He lives and grew up in the area. He's very knoweldagble and goes out of his way to make sure you are always looked after and having a good time... He's an excellent driver and speaks good english, professional and just fun to hang out with ...This an area of the world you must experience at least once (I cant wait to go back again) its so unique, beautiful, the people are so warm and hospitable and the yurts are comfy.... Plus having a guide like Nur makes it so much more enriching experience..

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I travelled to Bayan Olgii during winter this year and stayed with Eagle Hunters in the rural Province. Was an amazing experience, Nur is really knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. Would highly recommend to any travellers !!

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My wife and I booked a leisure trip to Mongolia. We can't Express enough gratitude for the wonderful treatment we received from company...highly recommended

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This was my first trip to Mongolia and had very much and very little expectations depending how you look at it. I heard most of the people can't speak Russian nor English so I called them and it was a really good choice. We saved bunch of time of unnecessary exploring what to see, experience etc. It's a beautiful but sooo big country without regular infrastructure and it's easy to lost in all that breadth. That's the beautiful part we were looking for but when you come in Mongolia your romantic dream stops abruptly and soon you realize you need some guidance if you don't have eternity to spend in Mongolia. As soon as we spoke and met things got easier. These people are just fantastic, so helpful, so genuinely kind and willing to help you and meet your needs. Fantastic! Bravo Nurmukhamed. Really awesome dude always positive and easy going. Exactly like Mongolia and what we were looking for.

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Nurmukhamed (Nur)
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