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Dear guests of Central Asia 

We are happy to provide you the best impressions from our country that you could remember them for a long time in your life).

We are new to Indy-Guide, however, our agency was based in 2014 and our team has guides and drivers from different areas of tourism: climbing, trecking and hiking. 

We arrange various trips in terms of cost: budget, private and scheduled group tours. 

Hope you enjoy with our tours))))))))))

My skills, interests, and hobbies: hiking, like dancing latino and kara jorgo - Kazakh National dance and singing.

Country: Kazakhstan

Trip Request for: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 7

34 open listings

13 received reviews (100% positive, 13/13)


Nurai thank you for the lovely trip. You are a super guide. We hope to see you again. Also thank you to your brother for the help. Merci pour tous. Make your dreams come true!


My friend and I had the best experience with Nurai and her team of guides, Asselle & Aibek, so much so that we've become gd friends over a period of just 5 days <3

What touched me the most was how Asselle & Aibek went out of their way to help my friend who fell ill midway through our roadtrip. They brought us to the pharmacy to get her meds and even wanted to bring her to see a doctor.

We also loved how we got the opportunity to interact with the locals, stay with them, eat their local food and experience their way of life.

This experience has motivated me to engage local guides on my future trips so that I get to enjoy the country a lot better.

Thank you Nurai for being so patient with my friend & I, answering our queries as well as offering us best value for $ service.

Thank you Asselle & Aibek for being the bestest tour guides we could ever ask for <3

We'll definitely be back to explore other parts of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as well as Tajikistan & so on.

Tharshini about listing 4 days tour KAZ+KYRG 1 years ago.

Aibek took us from the partner hostel after he got us picked up from our hostel on time by taxi. We met a third guy that joined as for the tour at the hostel and liked each other instantly. Aibek drove safely from Almaty to Sharon canyon including introducing us to Kazakh-style samosa for breakfast en route. Sharyn canyon was gorgeous and lunch we had there was delicious.

The lakes in saty are really beautiful, but beware of the kaindylakes:Getting to those lakes really means hiking, not just strolling.

The homestay was really nice, the food authentic, plenty and superb(note that plov Kazakh style is at least as good as the one you get in Uzbekistan). We got back to Almaty on time. While on tour Aibek always was a very pleasant tour guide, introducing us to Kazakh culture and history, so even at times when the landscape did not capture all of our attention, conversation with Aibek did.

I can very decidedly recommend Nurai tours for any trips!


We had a wonderful trip to the Almaty Lake.

Our guide was very attentive, answered all our questions and was always making an effort :)

On the lake we had a couple of hours time which gave us the opportunity to take photos, walk around and enjoy the overall view ( by the way the Almaty Lake is definitely worth visiting for beautiful pictures and the freshest air I have ever breathed). After that we spontaneously stopped at some yurtas where we ate dinner (tasty food and more interesting pictures) and at the end visited a falcon show (great show with a hilarious falcon trainer).

So all in all it was a wonderful day! :) Thank you

Anna about listing Almaty Lake Tour 2 years ago.

Nurai was great.

She is a young, caring, talkative, smart girl. She told us a lot about the nature and history and i really enjoyed the trip. Also the driver was funny and the homestay was really cozy and we had a good time.

Thank you Nurai <3


Nuria was a very nice, attentive, helpful and always well informed guide. I learned a lot about Kazakh culture and the natural wonders of that beautiful country.

Dirk about listing Dirk Nurai almaty 2 years ago.

Everything was excellent. Nurai was very quick to reply to my questions and gave great advice. The trip was organised very professionally and without any issues.


4 days: Altyn emel park, Kolsai 1&2 and Kandy lakes, singing dune, charyn canyon.

Amazin trip, well organized, fantastic guide even he cannot spanish. I think that a english guide is necessary if noone in the group can speak russian or you lost information. Very cozy and warm guesthouse in Saty with the best coocker in the world, unfputunatelly not so much in the Alty-Emel guesthouse. price is fair.

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I went on 4 day 3 night tour organised by Nurai, everything went smoothly and was very well organised, it was a very good tour and we covered alot of ground. Had a great time with lovely memories


Everything was OK. The driver was great. But there was no guide, although the offer included one. Also, we slept in a house, and not in a yurta as the offer stated.

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