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My name is Nurbol, a local tour guide in Bayan-Ulgii since 2009. I have a Bachelor degree in MBA, studied in Ulaanbaatar. Founder and Executive drie r of a tour company in Bayan-Ulgii. 

In 2009, he has been done 360km, 14 days long-distance hiking trek with two French guys touring around Altai Tavan Bogd national park. In 2010, I have been done 5600km long 14 days overland jeep tour with two Americans starting from Mongolian Altai to Ulaanbaatar via rounding Khovsgol lake and Tsaatan people in the Western Taiga. In 2015, I have been done 600km long 22 days long-distance horseback trek with Rumfles staff from Netherlands in Altai Altai Tavan Bogd NP. In 2016, I have been started 14 days ski expedition in Altai Tavan Bogd with the three Belgian guys exploring all the beauties of Mongolian Altai. In 2017, I have been done 5800km long 19 days overland jeep tour with two English girls starting from Mongolian Altai  all the way to Ulaanbaatar via rounding Gobi desert.. 

We are flexible with itinerary due to tourist interests. 

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I am a tour guide and i love nature and outdoor activities. I like hiking, horse riding and in winter season I often go on a hunting with eagle.

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 10

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I was travelling in the Altai region for 14 days from mid November to beginning of December.

Nurbol and his driver are brilliant. They picked me up at the airport in Ölgi and first we had lunch where he explained the entire itinerary with the option to change it on the way depending the host families flexibility.

We stayed at 6 families in total and every stay was just so welcoming. We went eagle hunting by foot and by horse in rocky mountains. We had clear blue skies and a magnificent winter landscape. I got to see and experience so many things about the eagle hunters and how they live.

Nurbol was always helpful and I enjoyed every single day of this adventurous trip. I could always take my pictures and fly with my drone. Just keep in mind to bring warm clothes as the coldest we had was around -30°C :) Due to the fact that he grew up in that region he can tell you a lot of stories and how life is in Western Mongolia.

Thank you again Nurbol and Kenjebek and all the families who contributed to this experience.

I will come back to Mongolia and for sure will get in touch with you again.

All the best!

Kiran about listing Altai winter tour 14 days 6 months ago.

Hello Mr. Nurbol,

It was a great week to spend with your wonderful team, we enjoyed everything - the sites, the weather, the food, the accommodations and over all the organization of the tour.

thank you very much !

udi about listing west Mongolia with Mr Nurbol 11 months ago.

Was really a lifetime experience at the Altai Tavan Bogd Nationalpark. Nurbol and his very nice team did a great job! They have also a very nice new built tourist ger camp with hot shower :)

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Missing Marla

I got to visit Ulgii for a short trip in July. Our group was picked up from the airport right on time by Nurbol and his driver. He took us aroung the center of Ulgii and the next day we headed to eagle hunter Jenisbek's family in Saksai village. We had a full day of good activities, talking to the host family, sharing a local dish and of course, taking photos with the eagle. Nurbol was knowledgeable, kind and understanding since our group included three little kids. We had an amazing time in Olgii thanks to Nurbol! Thanks again.

Missing Giorgio

Nurbol provided a great logistic support during our ski mountaineering trip in Tavan Bogd and Tsambaragav. Nurbol and his team arranged the transport with very good vans, the food with an absolutely amazing cook and they helped us in exploring their beautiful country when the conditions for skiing were not good. Our experience with them was very positive and we do recommend them.

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We went ski touring with some friends in the Altai during the three first weeks of April with Nurbol. Nurbol picked us up at the small airport of Olgiy with a driver. After buying supplies at the market of Olgiy, we started our journey to the inaccessible but beautiful Altai Mountains.

It took about 8 hours of driving to get from Olgiy to the entrance of the Tavan Bogd National Park. The road is bumpy and sinuous but the driver was very competent and the landscapes are beautiful. Nurbol also puts on some Mongolian music and has always some good jokes to tell so the ride seemed very short.

When we arrived at Tavan Bogd National Park, we just had the time to pitch the yourte before night fell. Nurbol had brought some meet and a bottle of vodka with him so we had the pleasure to eat and drink together with the local breeder who had helped us with the yourte.

Nurbol and his driver then went back to Olgiy while we began exploring the Altai Mountains. We spent two weeks alone, just two friends in the vastness of the Mongalian Altai. We spent our days exploring the mountains around the yourthe and we made it to the top of a few summits. We spent the evenings in our cozy yourthe cooking and reading books.

After two weeks we were joined by 3 other friends who were also brought from Olgiy by Nurbol and his driver. With the help of Nurbol and a local guide we then set up a second yourte higher in the moutains to reach higher summits. Thanks to this advanced camp we made it to some great summits as the Malchin Peak.

After 1 week in the second gear, I went down to the valley and I was brought back to Olgiy by Nurbol's driver. 1 of my friends came back with me while the three others stayed for one more week.

Nurbol's organisation was great along the whole trip. He was on time for every traject to and from Olgiy and provided us with all the necessary stuff for our stay in the mountains. As said above, Nurbol is always very friendly and polite, and his has very good contacts with the locals. I must however indicate that we were completely autonomous for our ski expeditions. Nurbol took the trajects and the accomodation in charge but we used no guide for our expeditions in the Altai.

It was a great and beautiful trip in what I consider as of one the most beautiful and remote places on earth. Nurbol made this trip possible and I'm very grateful to him for his great organization.

Missing Pierre

I recently completed a four-day tour organized by Nurbol which included numerous activities surrounding the Eagle Festival which is held in the Kazakh region of Mongolia each year. He made all the local arrangements for me and ensured I was pickup at the airport and transferred to my hotel. From there I was introduced to my driver with a large SUV and to my personal guide Ms. Asyeli who was very charming, knowledgeable and spoke English very well, as well as Kazakh and Mongolian. I spent the first two days traveling in the region, cross country and met with two nomad families who practice eagle hunting and will be attending the festival. This included the traditional meal with family which was prepared by my guide. This was followed by an excellent demonstration on the art of Eagle hunting was also provided by our host, and I was able to capture the moment on film. We also had the privilege to track Argyle sheep up a mountain in difficult terrain with the assistance of a local herdsman who was recruited on the moment and knew where a few of them were located after I expressed the sudden desire to see some.

I spent two days at the festival, wondering about taking pictures and meeting with other tourist and talking to participants with the ever attentive Ms. Asyeli beside me who ensure I was well-taken care. Nurbol also arranged for meals to be prepared and served when I was ready, in order not to distract from the activities going on.

There is much to be said for having your own personal team. An avid photographer I was able to ask the driver to stop as often as I wished to take pictures or to change direction in order to capture the right moment. He was always accommodating and eventually able to anticipate my desire based on my reaction. With both Ms. Asyeli and Nurbol been local individuals I was provided with insight information and guidance that I would not have had otherwise. They were also able to juggle the schedule and make last minute changes based on circumstances.

Travelers must always come prepared and be ready to expect the unexpected, especially in a country so vast as Mongolia where the climate can cause havoc on the best of intentions. I decided to hire local and was well rewarded with excellent service, care, and consideration. I recommend the team to anyone looking for that personal service.

Missing Saba

This is for the more adventurous spirit and possibly unlike anything else. We stayed in a ger and the temperatures were in the 20's during the night. The people of NW Mongolia are nomadic ,friendly and welcome your participation in the event. The roads are bumpy and dirt but this does not present a problem to viewing the Eagle hunters , on their horse, as the compete for the honor of winning. The prize is bragging rights and maybe an extra portion of fermented mares milk. Our group had excellent food and met many of the hunters while experiencing the ability to hold an Eagle on your arm. Layers of clothing an the ability to accept the unexpected will help you enjoy the introduction to the Kazak people of Mongolia .It does take time to travel to the festival so go with a highly rated tour company.

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Reliable Agency, great service and wonderful people....... what more?

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Excellent team and organization, super recommended!!!

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