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Tourism and leisure in Kazakhstan. Tours and excursions from Almaty.
Take a rest from your daily routine and let yourself breathe some fresh mountain air, swim in swimming pools filled with the natural refreshing water, walk on the hot sand of Central Asia, hear the mysterious song of the sand dunes of Singing Barkhan and see the crystal clear water of the mountain lakes. The natural beauty of Kazakhstan is admirable, you can enjoy the variety of sceneries in Almaty region, and there are some more in other regions, too. To make your holiday careless we organize a comfortable 4 WD transport, fully catered camping, healthy food and other things.

We specialise in the individual 4WD tours because we believe this is the most comfortable way to travel and to be closer to nature at the same time. Our team organizes offroad tours both to the most popular destinations and to some unique places of Almaty region that are only rarely visited by tourists. On our website you can find description, photographs and videos of the most spectacular tourism and leisure destinations of Kazakhstan. The schedules of different tours and expeditions include descriptions and prices.

We are ready to be your guides and organize an unforgettable holiday at the Ili river or in the Zailiyskiy Alatau mountains; in the tree shadow of the Charyn canyon or in some cozy cottages near Balkhash lake or Kolsay lakes and others. Do not hesitate to contact us and you will be pleased with the work of our professional team.

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan

Role: Individual/Freelancer

Years of experience: 4

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We had a pleasure to travel with Nurlan's friend, Ayan. He is not only a good driver but a really nice companion. Even though we had a language barrier (He couldn't speak English, we couldn't speak Kazakh or Russian) we got along well and we were able to visit all the places we wanted. He helped us a lot with communicating with locals. He was our interpreter. Lovely man. We really recommend any trip with him.

Just a side note, we were aware that he won't be able to be a full time guide for us (because of the language) so we cannot elaborate more about this.

Lucyna about listing Alma-Ata 2days trip 1 month ago.

Nurlan is a great tour guide and driver. Our trip to altyn emel, charyn canyon and the lakes was amazing and we had a fantastic time! I can highly recommend Nurlan's services for a tour in Kazakhstan


The trip was absolutley fantastic..wonderful organised,nice guesthouses,very good Food,and Nurlan,you are a fabuloes dryver and a very nice person...Karin and myself have been really happy with you all over..thank you soooo much again..louds of regards

Hedwig about listing Altyn Emel and lakes tour 7 months ago.

In order to be as much accurate as possible on this comment, we will go through the following points :

- The trip itself

- Positive aspects

- Negative aspects

It will give the possibility for the next travellers to anticipate some aspects which have not been mentioned in the description and the previous feedback.

The trip itself

Nurlan picks you up in Almaty early in the morning and the trip starts.

You leave Almaty and start to see beautiful landscapes.

Empty fields, mountains in the skyline. A dry and a virgin nature. You’ll be lucky to observe some wild horses on the way to Sheryn Canyon.

You will pass by a small village ( Bayseit ), where a market is held everyday. Do not hesitate to ask Nurlan to stop and have a walk around.

You arrive in Sheryn Canyon and Nurlan will indicate you the path to take. You will go alone without him. He will wait for you in his vann.

The place is gorgeous.

It takes less than 1 hour to reach the river from the spot where Nurlan dropped you.

Make sure to be there before noon, the Canyon will be full of tourists after this time.

You’ll comeback where Nurlan dropped you and he’ll pick you up to go the little village where the guest house is located.

You will go through a hilly green and luxuriant nature.

Once arrived, you’ll eat with the local family.

They will be only here to serve you and host you.

They will not ask any question.

They will answer to your question if Nurlan is capable of translating them.

They will not share much except bringing you food and cleaning the dishes.

Nurlan and the family will be talking as you were not around. They seem to not care of your presence.

The food is very tasty and the meals are « copieux ».

Once the meal finished. You’ll go to kaindy lake.

It’s a gorgeous place.

Once again Nurlan will drop you and will indicate you the path to take. He will never follow you to explain stuff about nature and about the place.

We invite you to discuss with the « local nomades » who seem to « take care » of the place. Share a beer with them and a duck/sheep shashlick (brochette).

Nurlan let you stay as long as you want.

Then you comeback to the guest house.

The guest house has modern toilets and a nice shower.

The beds are not confortable for people who do not like smooth beds. (Single beds).

You’ll have dinner and then go to bed.

The Kazakh family will not share much with you and Nurlan neither.

As said previously.

Next day you’ll have breakfast and will leave for kolsay lakes 1 & 2.

We took the option of riding horses from lake 1 to lake 2.

Nurlan will, of course, not come and will wait for you.

Nurlan will not explain you how the journey is organised.

A new person, who owns the horses, will guide you through the forest to reach the second lake.

He doesnt speak English at all and will make the journey as fast as possible.

The nature and the two lakes are amazing places. Take time to look around and take pictures without considering the fastness of the guide on its horse.

Once the second lake reached we advise you to take as much time as you can (1 to 2 hours at least). You should eat your pic nic at this specific moment.

Then you’ll come back to Nurlan’s van.

The horse guide will not share and will not be interested by you at all.

After this horse journey, Nurlan will bring you back to Almaty where ever you want.

Positive aspects :

Nurlan is a very pragmatic guide.

He is more a driver than a guide.

He will stop if you need to go to the restroom, to walk around or just take some pictures. At any time of the journey.

He drives well.

He smiles a lot.

He takes care of your need during the trip ( AC / Music / Water / etc)

Nurlan’s vann is very confortable.

The nature you’ll see is stunning.

From the dry canyon to the green luxuriant nature of the lakes.

The food of the guest house is very good.

The guest house is very clean.

The family seems to be nice even if they do not speak to you.

You can take a walk around the guest house. It looks very nice.

Negative aspects

Nurlan doesn’t speak English at all.

The translation is very hard.

He only can have basic conversations with closed questions.

He doesn’t ask any questions about you and your culture.

He doesn’t talk about the nature around or Kazakhstan’s history.

He does not follow you during the different walks to explain you everything around.

He doesn’t introduce you to the family who host you and doesn’t make you feel confortable.

The guest house is literally more a hotel than a “guest house”. People do not share anything with you.

(Personally to have already experienced guest houses in orher countries, the families shows you around, they show you how they cook and talk about their daily lives with you even if they don’t speak the language).

Just to let you know about the village you’ll stay in.

It’s a village which host lots of tourists. So you are perceived only as someone who pays for the nature around and that’s it. You won’t have the chance to exchange much especially if you don’t speak Russian.

From a general point of view.

This treck is a very nice experience if you do not expect anything special from the people you’ll experience it with.

The nature, the landscapes, the canyon and the lakes are full of splendeur.

Nurlan is more a driver than someone who explains and shows around.

He seems to be nice and smiles but doesn’t have enough curiosity and English skills in order to make this trip 100% succesfull.

louis about listing Treck 2 days / 1 night Almaty's area 7 months ago.

Everything went smoothley, thanks a lot! Nurlan was punctually and very friendly. He talks enough English to communicate everything that is important. He is rather quiet - maybe he could narrate a little bit more about what is there to see... Very safe and experienced driver with whom we felt secure. We were very content.


We did the 2-day Charyn / Kolsai / Kaindy tour, 4 persons. Nurlan responded quickly to our questions before booking, and picked us up punctually in the city. He is a safe and efficient driver with a comfortable car. There was plenty of time at the stops to visit and experience the places. The guesthouse he booked for us in Saty village was very nice, clean and quiet, run by a local Kazakh family. We certainly had a good time those 2 days :-)

Ken about listing Caryn Kaindy Kolsay 2 day 4 pax 8 months ago.

We had a very good time with Nurlan. The places we visited were very nice and he always tried to make the best of it for us.

Celine about listing 3 day tour around Almaty with Nurlan 9 months ago.
Chun Ho

Everything was good, he didn't speak English so well, but he tried his best to help us throughout the trip!


This trip was fantastic! Nurlan have booked us very good hotel with wonderful dinner and breakfast. All points from program of this trip were realized. We have seen very beautiful places !!! He is fantastic driver and guide! Thank You for all and many greetings!!! ;) ;) ;)

Barbara about listing Altyn Emel NAtional PArk Trip 10 months ago.
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We did a 3 day tour with Nurlan and it was great. Nurlan is very friendly and patient. He arranged very nice accommodations and showed us the best of the attractions.

Leah about listing Leah 10 months ago.
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