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My name is Olga. I am from Uzbekistan!

Don't miss your chance, your travel will be perfect with us! The new visa decrees will be comfortable and relaxing for the 30 days of stay! I am a travel manager in a friendly and welcoming travel agency. The tailor-made tours we are preparing are the same as we travel on our own with our family or friends, we try to create higher quality conditions and meet all the requirements of our guests.  We would love to organise the coziest atmosphere and get a 10 out of 10 rating!

I would love to help you to travel around the main historical sites and also to visit hidden local fascinating places known by the locals only.

In my listings, you can choose one tour or many 1, 2, or 3 days tours which we can easily combine as we are a developing country and many visitors have a tight working schedule they can have some most interesting bits for themselves. Otherwise, there is an opporttunity for Travel treasure hunters to receive Maximum from their visit!

On the picture I am in the front with big nearly transparent glasses, carrying a bag, in a beautiful khan-atlas skirt, which I like "speaking" outfits!!

For more information, contact me directly!

Wish you a good day and many good trips ....!

My skills, interests, and hobbies: I like travelling alone, travelling with friends or in a big groups!

Country: Uzbekistan

Trip Request for: Uzbekistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 7

23 open listings

15 received reviews (93% positive, 14/15)


Olga is kind, thoughtful, responsible, and has great resources. I left almost everything in her hands and she found us great guides and places to stay. She has a great relationship with the guides and everyone likes working with her. She is great at communicating and meeting your expectations (if you tell her!). She was so nice to think of our kids and gave us a nice goodbye to Uzbekistan meeting after out trip was over. I definitely recommend her.

Lara about listing Khiva guesthouse, tour, and transfers 6 months ago.
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Olga has arranged city tour in Khiva for us. The guide, Salomat opa was very knowledgeable, caring and positive. We enjoyed exploring the city with her and appreciated her attitude.


We organised a tour with Olga of the Fergana Valley, with collection at the Dostyk border (as we arrived from Osh in Kyrgyzstan) and drop off at Beshariq border (for onward transport to Tajikistan).

We messaged Olga back and forth to agree an itinerary, and despite some initial confusion on dates and locations, arranged a really exciting tour.

During our communications, we realised that Olga wouldn't be conducting the tour and that we'd have a different guide. We were a bit surprised as we understood Indy Guide was a place for independent guides, but our eventual guide described Olga as the tour operator. We were happy to proceed with a different guide, but wish this had been clearer in the description of the tour.

Our guide Abror was very professional and as he is from the Fergana Valley he knew the area very well. He was not very experienced (he is 18 years old, although very mature for his age), and sometimes this came across in the level of detail provided at each site. He had also told us that the Rishtan ceramics workshop accepted credit/debit cards and could provide shipping, but they could not provide either, and as there was no ATM in the entire town, we could only buy a fraction of what we had planned to buy.

There were some small breakdowns of communication between Olga and Abror: for example we wasted about an hour on day one while we drove to and from an ATM so we could pay up front for lunch, even though we'd arranged for all meals to be included. We also wish that either Olga or Abror had got in touch a few more days in advance of the tour starting, as we were trying unsuccessfully to reach him a day or two beforehand.

Particular highlights of our tour included the silk factory in Margilan and ceramics workshop in Rishtan. The hotel we stayed at - Ikat House - was also clean and had a beautiful garden. In retrospect, we could have visited all of the sites in two days (one night) rather than the three days (two nights) we arranged, but we had an very nice tour of the area and were able to take our time.

Abror was very pleasant company and went out of his way to arrange everything we had asked for. He also helped us buy an Uzbek SIM card, and make a couple of visits to ATMs (note to Indy Guide: if you are able to offer card payments for both the deposit and final payment, that would be great, as it is often difficult to find ATMs, especially ones that are working and accept all types of card).


Everything went really smoothly, from first contact all the way through. All questions were answered quickly, the driver was on time (early) so there was no stress about pick up, and he was a lovely man, making sure were were all comfortable and even stopping to pick us up some lovely apples to keep us going on our journey.

Louise about listing Transfer Tashkent to Samarakand 9 months ago.

Olga arranged a driver for us from Bukhara to Nukus, with stops along the way at some of the Kalas, as well as for lunch. The driver showed up on time and everything went as per plan.

Michael about listing Transfer Bukhara-Nukus 10 months ago.
Emma Jane

I had a wonderful tour with Olga! She showed me so many incredible sights and places around Tashkent. She has so much interesting knowledge about the city and shared so many great places and facts. Had a great time sampling all the bread and fruits at the Chorsu Bazaar and had the best ice cream! Saw some incredible architecture and loved chatting with her throughout the day! Hope to meet with Olga again next time I go to Tashkent! She is a fantastic guide, so friendly and great to send time with!


Very smooth indeed - all arrangements made by Olga were excellent. The guides in Khiva, Burkhara and Samarkand were very good and highly knowledgeable and we really enjoyed their company. We highly recommend Olga and her services - we had a great time in Uzbekistan thanks to Olga!

Sridevi about listing Khiva Tour - 27-28 Aug 10 months ago.

Perfect. Olga was a great guide and a great person. It was the first trip she made in Spanish, I knew it, and the truth is that it made it much better than I initially expected. Friendly, patient, helpful, accommodating... She needs a little more experience because she's very young and practicing a little more Spanish, but I don't regret choosing her. Great job Olga!

Walter about listing WALTER/SILVIA FERGHANA 11 months ago.
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Our guide in Samarkand was arranged by Olga and he was great. He drove us around all day and made sure we got a great experience at every location. He explained the importance of everything we saw, and he gave us a tour of the bazaar as well, stopping to taste the best bits. He also took us to a wonderful local restaurant for plov--the best of our trip--but you can ask him to take you for any type of food you prefer. Definitely recommend.

Liz about listing Highlights of Samarkand.1 day 11 months ago.

My guide Olga was very helpful in coordinating the tour for me. From booking of hotel to transport and local guides. Everything went smoothly and she is always easily contactable. Would highly recommend to engage for your travel plans.

Pauline about listing 18-25th july Uzbekistan 11 months ago.

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