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My name is Oriz & I’m from Tajikistan (Pamir region). I am guiding Tourist for more than 10 years.

The fact that I was born in Pamir region, (famous for the high Mountains) hiking and trekking was always interesting for me so began my career as a Tour Guide. Due to influences of tourists travelling in my region, I made my strong passion for showing the natural beauty of Tajikistan to the travelers world-wide.

Honestly, I am enthusiastic, energetic, and open-minded and can make an enjoyment to the different types of people travelling with me.

 Finally, I am happy to introduce myself personally and consequently ready to guide you as an experienced tour leader in Tajikistan, whether for going to the exciting and surprisingly eye-catching Mountains or experiencing the vibrant authentic cultural or for classical tour in unique regions of  Tajikistan.

I speak German, English, Russian,Tajik &my native language Pamiri, then welcome to join me on trips to discover the less travelled Destinations.

Country: Tajikistan

Trip Request for: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 11

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Missing David

We enjoyed our trip with Oriz in Tajikistan.  Oriz has an innate ability to combine his local knowledge with good humour and an easy going attitude.  This made our time in Tajikistan relaxed and fun.   For example, procuring vodka and cognac whilst we were at the Iscandarkul lake was a very nice surprise.  I think a small group tour is not only about the history, scenery and lifestyle of the country that you are visiting but most important are the people that you meet along the way.  As well, Dilik was the best driver we had across all three countries as he was part of the group and was quick with a smile.  As a guide/driver team they work well together.

Missing Adam

I have traveled with Oriz on the Pamir Highway twice: both times in October. As a guide, Oriz beautifully manages to balance professional guidance and friendly companionship. His knowledge is extensive, but he caters his guidance to the interests of his tourists. On my second trip I was traveling with old friends from university, and the memories of us hanging out with Oriz at the guesthouses stand out as particularly cherished. Another one of Oriz\'s virtues as a professional guide is his flexibility and ability to arrange complex excursions. I can speak for his flexibility in the Wakhan altering our itinerary to find the ideal place to spend the night for photography. We canceled one night in Langar and stayed one night in Yamk (spelling?) instead. I can not recommend Oriz enthusiastically enough. If you are looking for friendly companionship that will show you the most generous and sincere aspects of Pamiri culture, Oriz is the man. If you are looking for professionalism in guidance, Oriz is still the man.

Missing Karim

I was in Tajikistan 2 years ago and had the pleasure of meeting Oriz and must say it was one of the most delightful trips I have had. The warmth, hospitality, attention to detail, cultural and historic knowledge of the sights we saw...all made for a unique and memorable trip. I have now travelled to 166 countries and this was one of the most enriching experiences thanks to the commitment and service demonstrated by Oriz.

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