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Hi everybody! My name is Askhat. I am a local guide and tour organizer. You made a great decision to visit Kazakhstan. Our country is rich for beautiful places that you have to see. Hope you will enjoy it.

Briefly about myself: I am 25 years old and fluently speak Kazakh, Russian and English. Know a bit Turkish. For more than two years I have been interested in domestic tourism of Kazakhstan, because we have untouched and unique natural attractions. Every weekend I do hiking, biking or camping in one of those places. Then I came up with idea that I can share my knowledge for foreign tourists as a guide and provide them authentic experience.

In 2017, successfully completed and passed the 12 steps of EastguidesWest's Circle of Service Excellence training.



My skills, interests, and hobbies: Guiding, Swimming, biking, hiking, jeep tours, camping, trekking.

Country: Kazakhstan

Services in: Kazakhstan

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It was a great experience !

Askhat was very friendly and professional !

devang about listing Tour to Berkutchi's (eagle hunter) home 6 months ago.

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