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What We Do

Our Agency is a personalized local travel agency specially focused on tailor-made experiences just for you and your group visit. We go beyond a travel agency becoming your travel buddies who accompany on the whole journey from creating your trip to delivering it and stay everlasting friends.

Trips at Our Agency take you to the best parts of Mongolia and bring you closer to the untouched nature, various landscapes, indigenous history, cultures and traditions of the last nomad on earth. Our tours feature discovery overland jeep tour , hiking and trekking tours, sightseeing, family tours and cultural trips immersing in a traditional lifestyle. Since its establishment in 2014, “Our Agency” has built a well-deserved reputation for offering quality and personalized trips as a 100% Local Mongolia travel agency.

Our Philosophy

Travel For Good: We are a local social enterprise pioneering Mongolia travel experiences transformation into a force for GOOD. As traveling is becoming a necessity, we encourage travelers to consider their impact that can be positive or even negative.

To bring positive impacts on communities, we designed tours and experiences that give back and contribute to the critical causes of communities they visit, including children’s education, women’s empowerment and environment.

We make authentic and exotic adventure travel by and for adventurous people in a responsible and caring manner.

Our Team

Driver Muugii Driver Muugii 

Tour Guide Tsagaan

Tour Guide Azjargal  

 Batsaikhan and his family

My skills, interests, and hobbies: Travelling, Tour Guiding, Tailor Made Tours, Photography

Country: Mongolia

Trip Request for: Mongolia

Role: Registered Tour company

Years of experience: 5

32 open listings

3 received reviews (100% positive, 3/3)


I think the trip was a positive experience. One thing I would recommend would be to have some types of activities (games, etc.) that would be able to do at night. There was a lot of time spent doing nothing at night.

Hal about listing Hal's Mongolia Trip 9 months ago.
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I used Professional Locals for a 4 -day solo guided trip, and loved my experience with Augi. His English was great, he was 100% professional, and he knew so much about the history and present-day Mongolia. Everything was planned perfectly and went off without a hitch, from being picked up at the airport to the moment I got dropped back off again. He was completely accommodating, cooked delicious food, and did every single thing he could do to make my trip amazing. He even saw a list of food I was trying to find while in Mongolia, and worked hard from that moment to check off as many as possible, which included collecting the perfect-sized stones from the river in order to make a traditional meal. Really above and beyond.

I thought it might be uncomfortable to be alone with a guided tour, but everything felt normal and fun, and the Mongolian music in the car (which he always made sure was what I wanted to hear!) was awesome. We spent hours together driving across Mongolia, and it flew by and was everything I wanted. I have literally no bad things I could possibly say.

Sarah about listing 4 days across central Mongolia 9 months ago.
Siu wo

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Professional locals
Last seen 3 months ago