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Question: What is the best time to visit the Gobi desert?

For photographers, what is the best time to visit the Gobi desert? Is July too hot? How cold does it get in winter?

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Enebish 4 years ago

Hi, July gets pretty hot, up to 40 Celsius, but is bearable. In my opinion the best time to visit Gobi is May/ June (8-25 C with light winds and intermittent high precipitation in the form of rain, sleet, snow and hail). You will be able to walk around and photograph the flowering plants, young animals (depending on your patience and skill!) and spring landscapes at a time when there will be few other visitors. Autumn is also good for long shots of landscapes but wildlife is difficult after June. Tourist camps typically open from May to October. Winter is an extremely beautiful time in the Gobi but it is VERY harsh. You're looking at -40 to 50 Celsius with driving winds, snow, hail and sands. Also travel and accommodation become difficult. We have run trips that are stopped by full blown whiteouts (16 hour whiteout on one occasion just north of Saihain Ovoo) but for true photographers this is a great time to visit. After all, when else will you get a shot of a bactrian camel caked in ice or an approaching sandstorm wall fronted by enormous hailstones? What kind of photography are you into? Best Wishes, Enebish


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Seren 4 years ago

I would say mid september is the best, especially this year we have acem in july. And makkes july tour bit difficult


Taskhyn 4 years ago

Gobi desert is hot in summer time, best time would be between mid of August and mid of October which is Autumn time everything will be colored in red, yellow and green as well in August-September. Mongolia is located near Siberia,so there is always Siberian cold atmosphere in winter I don't advice you to come in winter for Gobi there would be strong windy days. You can come in October photograph Gobi desert and visit Western Mongolia to photograph Golden Eagle Hunters at the same time. Hope this information was useful. Regards, Taskhyn Khalamkhan


Adiyabold 4 years ago

July to August is hot. But only during the day. Our photographers always used the early morning and evening times for photography. Those times are not hot, rather cool and sometimes even chilly. But perfect for photo and goo from June through September.

Muugii & Team

Muugii & Team 4 years ago

Hello. The best time is June to September in all over Mongolia. But July is too crowded because of Naadam festival. August is the best time in Gobi desert.


Aynabek 4 years ago

To Gobi, October is the best time. July, August will be too hot. April , May will be windy. September will be windy too. October is the best time to see Gobi. Regards Bek

saraa 4 years ago

Hello, Between June to August is best time to visit and take photos in Gobi desert. It is about -28 in winter time. If you want to visit Gobi desert, You should travel in summer time. It is better... Thank you:-) Regard Saraa


TAMI and NOMADS 4 years ago

Hello dear customer, Best times are June,July,August and September. Nowadays, weather is little bit windy around through Gobi. You can join/welcome with our trip from 13-17,June or anytime during these months. Thank you. Kindly regards, Tami


Mandakhnaran 4 years ago

I think, june is best time to visit in Gobi. I also suggest if you wanna see stars in Gobi you shoul dthink about moon because it's not so much star when moon is full. So In june and day without moon. 


Best regards

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