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Question: offer for 13 days in Mongolia

My trip to Mongolia start at 28th of June until 13th of July. Will be 2 persons. we like a private tour, or to rent a 4X4 car and doing our self. I'm looking forward for your offers!

We like to follow this route:

  • day 1 Ulaanbataar.
  • day 2 visit the statue of Gingis Han and Terelj National Park.
  • day 3 Baga Gazriin Chulu.
  • day 4 Tsangaan Suvarga.
  • day 5 Yoliin, Dungenee Am, Eagle Gorges.
  • day 6 Gobi Desert, Khongoriin Els or the Singing Sand Dunes.
  • day 7 flaming cliffs.
  • day 8 Ongiin and Khoshuu Monastery.
  • day 9 Karakorum, Erdene Zuu monastery, Turtle Rock and Phallic Rock.
  • day 10 Tsenger Hotwater Springs, Ogii lake, The Khosho Tsaidam Monuments.
  • day 11 Khar Bukh Balgas and Tsogtiin Tsagaan Balgas, Ulaanbataar.
  • day 12 festival Naadam.
  • day 13 festival Naadam

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Nyam-Od 2 years ago

Hello Sir

I am  Nyamka a tour guide from Mongolia

let me give you the trip cost for this trip plan for you

85$ per person per a day

Included: driver, English speaking Guide, gasseling , food Mean 3meal a day, activities like Ride a camel, horse trek, all Nights in homestaying ger camp and Government fees in the trip

You guys can only travel with a driver and guide mean that 4 of you can travel in 13 days

The car is very soften and confortable i will attach the picture of the car for your trip

if you have an question please let me know I will get back to you as soon as possible

looking forward to hear from you 

Kindly Nyamka

Naran baatar

Naran baatar 2 years ago

Hi Liviu.

I am local guide who is experienced well driving and guiding .

I can say the cost can be 2000$ for both of you. All are included : food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, gass, hire camel and horse, all acomodations.

I know the places which you write amd i have Landcruiser 100 series which uses gasoline.

Come and experience Mongolia with me please.


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