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Question: Is 4 days enough for Ice Festival?


Is 4 days 3 nights enough for Ice Festival at Lake Khuvsgul?

Thank you

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Jess & Team

Jess & Team 4 years ago


There are two domestic airlines in Mongolia - Hunnu Air and AeroMongolia. Neither operate scheduled flights to Murun (the closest airport to Khatgal where the Ice Festival takes place) in the winter. However, there will PROBABLY be a scheduled departure to Murun but this still has to be confirmed.

If you do fly, then the trip is possible in four days. If the domestic flight is too expensive or does not depart, you will need to go by road and it is (roughly) 700km one way (on fairly good asphalt) so would take longer than four days

I hope this is of help? Sain Yavaarai - Journey Well, Jess




Khishigjargal 4 years ago

Dear Redleaf,

"Ice Festival" is going to be held at Khatgal Soum in Khuvsgul Province on the 17th years since it has been started celebrating to entertain locals' winter lifestyle. It is usually held on the 3rd and 4th of March every year. During festival, you will see a Shamanist Ceremony of offering and providing a fascinating lifestyle of Tsaatan People.  

We will show you Ice Festival within 4 days including city shopping and additional activities. 

We hope to serve you.

Thank you



TAMI and NOMADS 4 years ago

Hi, Happy new year dear.

We think, it is possible only by flight to Murun city from Ulaanbaatar, if you book plan tickets already. Tickets from Ulaanbaatar will be quite busy & crowded as you know dear. By th car, Total ICE FESTIVAL itinerary, will be more than 5,6 days in mininmum.

We will give you more detailed information with exactly dated itinerary, if you travel with professional & long years experienced tour operator team in Mongolia.We will organize your team by professionally. Lets keep in touch with pm.

Thank you in advance

@Your partner as Mongolian professional tour operator team



Ariuna 4 years ago

Dear Redleaf
Thank you for your kind interest

 Day 1.
02nd of Mar 2017, On Thursday 
In the morning pick up at your accommodation and transfer to Chinggis Khaan airport. Take a flight to Murun, the center of Khuvsgul province. Pick up and continue travel (2hours by Russian minivan) to Ger camps located at the south east shore of the lake near Khatgal village. Stay overnight in Ger camp. LD

Day 2
3rd of Mar 2017, On Friday

Grand Opening Ceremony of the Ice Festival and 8th International Skating Event will take place. We will attend traditional performance of local singers and dancers. Enjoy competition of horses’ sleighs for 12kms, driven by local nomads and traditional game “Ice-Shagai”. Before the start, horses will exhibit in front of tourists and guests can have possibilities to bet on the winner. Competition of skilled drivers on the ice will be held and Contest for “Beautiful Mongolian costume” among participants other. Bonfire and sacrificing shamanic ceremony. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

Day 3
The 04th of Mar 2017, On Saturday
Competition of skaters for short distances /2km/
Sumo wrestling on the ice and rope pulling competition. Other optional activities, enjoying horse sleigh or dog sled, horse riding, a trip to visit nomadic are available. Closing Ceremony and winners of competitions will be announced and awarded. After dinner drive to Murun town for 110kms. Transfer to airport. Flight to Ulaanbaatar. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and transfer your accommodation. End of the service. BLD

End of the service.
If this tours catches your interest please contact me

All the best

Muugii & Team

Muugii & Team 4 years ago

Hi Redleaf,

If you have max. 4 days for the Ice festival, it can be like below:

Day1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Flight to Murun. Arrive at the Khovsgol lake.

Day2-3 Ice festival days.

Day4. Flight back to Ulaanbaatar.

If you contact me by message, I can give you more detail on the program.

I hope hear from you.




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