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Question: Wild water kayaking with local guide in Almaty Kazakhstan

Hello, I am interested in wild water kayaking in Kazakhstan, preferably around Almaty.

Starting from the 12th of June. I would like to do several days with a local kayak instructor. I am able to do level 4 and 5 accompanied by an instructor. And I am on a budget.

Thanks, Toon

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Toon 2 years ago

Hello, thanks! I am also interested in rafting, you can give me info about the possibilities. For kayaking you can also give me the info, it can be out of Almaty, no problem. Many thanks, Toon


Nadejda 2 years ago

Dear Toon. 

Unfortunately we are a rafter. Not kayakers. 

Our river is mountain and many stones inside. We have not kayakers in Almaty. I try find somebody for you. And for kayak we have one good river is Kok sy. 

It is far from Almaty. 

Best regards !


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