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Question: Pamir Road information special help

I am looking to do maybe 9 days in the pamir highway from Osh to Dushanbe.  

I would like to arrange a trip where I can rest (not drive) during friday and saturday.  and than continue. any ideas? 

How long does pamir highway take?  what are some of the best treks along the way.  

Thank you 

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Mukhammed Ali

Mukhammed Ali 2 years ago

Hi there!  I am fully agree with the options stated above. But there is two more options with the possibility to see Marco Polo sheeps. Its shaimak area and Belarik pass. It is up to you either trek two days with overnight in wildlife or trek 2 dayz seperately with overnight in yurt stay(summer pasture). Also possible to hire horse,camel, donkey and an expierenced guide.

Happy journey!

Mirzo Nazar

Mirzo Nazar 2 years ago

Hi Asaf! 9 days from Osh to Dushanbe with a 2 days rest and some trekking is possible. There are countless trekking options along the way and it depends on your time and experience. Some of them you can see on the following map: https://indy-guide.com/tajikistan/maps. The most popular trekking area in Pamir is around Yashilkul area. If you are driving from Osh you can consider trekking from Yashilkul dam to Bachor village in 2-3 days.

Cheers, Mirzo


Denis 2 years ago

Hi! You can take the car in Osh for this trip. I recommend you to go to Bulunkul lake and from this lake make a hike to Sarez lake. The way will take 2 day and two day back , if you are in good physical form . 

Good luck !

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