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Question: Tajikistan to Samarkand

I am a travel agent and I have a single client that would like to go from Tajikistan to Samarkand in March.

He will tour around Tajikistan for 6 days and then go to Uzbekistan for 5 days but must return to Tajikistan for his flight that leaves from Khujand or Dushanbe. Any suggestions on where to go, how to get a visa. He plans to arrange for a private driver.

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Sitorabonu 4 years ago

The client needs only driver or guide also



Beck 4 years ago

Dear Normand,

I suggest your client should enter Uzbekistan via Tursunzade-Sariosiyo border crossing point and return to Tajikistan via Oybek border after his 5 day stay in Uzbekistan.

For visa we can do an invitation letter if required.

We reserve one of our English speaking Drivers for this tour.


Khurshid 4 years ago

Hello, Normand

We would be happy to assist you in arranging the tour.

Please, send your request to me

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards, 




Inom 4 years ago

Hi! I'm Inom  from Uzbekistan work for  small tour company. We usually work withsmall groups or individual cleints. We can organize classic tours through Uzbekistan as well in Smarkand. We have visa support. We are ready to work with you.

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