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Question: Naadam Festival tickets

Want good seating for Naadam Festival tickets July 11-13

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Jess & Team

Jess & Team 3 years ago


This is a plan of the Naadam Stadium in Ulaanbaatar.

You mention you want good seating. On the plan, the sections in red have a basic protection from the sun and would be considered the best seats. However, it does not prevent the sun getting into the seating area - especially if you are in the front seats.

I have been attending the national Naadam in Ulaanbaatar for the past 12 years. Every year I sit in a different section and from a  personal point of view, there's not much difference apart from the sun shade.

The other challenge is that it wil depend where/who you purchase the tickets from as to what section you end up sitting in. Tickets do not go on sale until the week before Naadam. 

The tickets are only for the opening / closing ceremony and for the wrestling. All other activities including the archery and ankle bone shooting are free and take place in the Naadam grounds but outside the stadium. The horse racing takes place at Khui Doloon Khudag roughly 40km from UB.

I hope this is of help? 



Meg 4 years ago

 Hi there, 

We sell Naadam tickets. 

Please contact us for further info. 



ariuuna 4 years ago

hello frank, how many tickets for naadam you need, and where do you like to seat? at naadam we have differnt places and also diffent prices. you can have place with shadow roof, with seats, or standing places. the price will start from 10 - 100 USD/pers. normaly the naadamtickets are solld short befor the naadamfestival is starting.

anyways if you like i can organize your whole tripp in mongolia incl. tha naadamfestival. send me an message if you are interessted.

best regards and waiting for your answer



TAMI and NOMADS 4 years ago

Hello dear Frank, greeting from Mongolia,

We are professional Tour operator in Mongolia. 

We organize any types of trips through countryside and city tours.

We will organize countryside trips and provide & book Naadam festival tickets for good seats for you, if you want to travel with us.

Looking forward your private pm to us.

@Your guide in Mongolia


Maagii 4 years ago

I can find for you


Julia 3 years ago


Could someone help us to book two tickets for Naadam in Ulan-Bator (Opening ceremony included) please?

We would be very gateful.

Thank you in advance


Sukhee 4 years ago


Opening ceremony 25$ pp, on 11 July /at the tourist section/

Closing Ceremony 10 000MNTpp on 12 July / at the tourist section/




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