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Question: train tickets

I am considering a train ride in spring 2019, following the Silkroad.
There is no problem to organize the first part, Beijing to Tashkent. A Dutch travel-agent sells me the tickets, organizes the visa and the stop-overs.
My intention is to continue my trip from Tashkent to Teheran and from Teheran to Istanboel. By train.
Can you help me with tickets, stop-overs and visa?

Jan vos

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johannes 2 years ago

thank you for your email. I have not decided yet about going and the schedule.

jan vos 


Batyr 2 years ago

Hello, we are organizing the Turkmen part! 


Dilfuza 2 years ago

Have a nice day Jan Vos,

my name is Dilfuza, travel expert for Central Asia Counries and also local tour operator.

We can help you with all requested services for your travel

Please send me the dates and more information.


Thank you.


Ulugbek 2 years ago

Hello Johannes.I'm Ulugbek.Please contact to me about train tickets and visa of Uzbekistan,Kyrgyzstan etc

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