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Question: Pamir Highway: safe area to travel?

The Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands advises not to travel to the border regions with Afganistan and to Gorno Badakhshan for personal safety reasons (kidnapping, robbery by armed gangs).

Can someone tell me about the actual risks?

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Alovaddin 4 years ago

There is no any case of kidnapping, robbery by armed gangs were reported at least towards foreigners. There were some tensions between government and some local Khorog criminals in past years (you can search on goolge), but before the government started it's military operation they evacuated all foreigners. I will tell you that people there are very friendly and never bother their guests. Some travellers say that they feel much safer in Tajikistan than in some western cities e.g. Paris, NYC, LA, and etc.



Turat 4 years ago

Hello Jack!

Since 2015 every season i went to Afghanistan Wakhan corridor with tourists from Danian. There is no danger and the any problems we faced. Hospitable and very good people of Afghanistan. 




Alexandra 4 years ago

Hi Jack. My husband and I travelled in Tajikistan (GBAO/Wakhan valley) in Spring 2016 and we never had any problems concerning safety. We felt really safe in whole Tajikistan including the border and the GBAO area. In fact Tajik people are very friendly and hospitable. We had once problems with the tires of our car and immediately somebody came to help us withouth asking for any compensation. We also took along local hitchhickers and school kids at the Afgan border road and never felt unsafe. However there are reports about drug traffic related issues but as a tourist you do not really observe this. Greetings and have a nice day. 


Sergey 4 years ago

there are bad people in any country. and risks are everywhere, every man must decide


Gulnara 4 years ago

Why people give such a wrong information without knowing anything about the countries! First of all before giving such information they should travel to Tajikistan/Pamir. 

Kidnaping really exists, but only among the nations, mostly in Kyrgyzstan and with kyrgyz nation in Murghab. But it doesn't deal with foreign tourists. Don't worry! 

Regarding the crimes like robbery by armed gangs.... THANKS to "GOD" it NEVER HAPPENED in Gorno Badakhshan! And it will never happen in future as well!


Regina 4 years ago

I have been there first time in June and traveling there all my free time!!!

Dont worry!!! there are very kind and hospitable!!! 

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