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Question: Visiting the Tsaatan Tribe

I want to visit the Tsaatan people, experience their way of life, from reindeers to wolf dogs to their migration. I am not looking for a tour as a tourist, because I find that to be too short and not as authentic. Instead I am here with months to spare and the willingness to be a part of the Tsaatan community for long periods of time.

Can anyone here point me to an organisation or contact where I can stay for longer periods of a few months, as a volunteer or even just helping out.

I've been to mongolia several times and am really amazed by the culture, especially the nomadic culture.

Hope someone can answer my question here, thank you.

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Andrey 2 years ago

 It's possible. Contact with me in Erdenet city: Andrey 


Minjin 2 years ago

I am having a trip to the tsaatan family, From 3rd august. Costs-590

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