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Question: Security Pamir Highway


how is the security state in Tajikistan / pamir highway after the incident that happend 3 days ago, when 4 tourists on bycicles were killed by fundamentalists (?)

We intend to selfdrive the pamir highway, coming from Kyrgistan.

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Mirzo Nazar

Mirzo Nazar 2 years ago

After the incident, that took life's of four cyclists in southern Tajikistan, Police created a special unit which task is to guard popular attractions and provide safety along the travel routes, including Pamir Highway.

The number of police checkpoints along the road in south Tajikistan has increased, and all local cars are being checked. Tourists are traveling both ways with cars and bikes. Hence the road is safe and secure.

You can easily travel with your car. 


Erkin 2 years ago

that people, who did this accident are bastards and enemy of tadjik people first of all. Tadjik people very hospitable and friendly for guests. I hope that they will be punished very strong. peace and greeting from Bishkek.


Musa 2 years ago

The government responded promtly and got the suspects. The security along pamir HW is also enforced. There maybe less cyclists. However, as a local, i still see a lot tourists coming by car to enjoy the scenic pamir summer. 


Sharaf 2 years ago

Just arrived in Dushanbe.  The situation is secure as usual. Everything is quite again.


Muhammad 2 years ago

From Dushanbe. The situation is perfect. If you are traveling with a travel agency, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan can give a Police Officer to accompany your group. So, you will not face any unexpected.


Nigina 2 years ago

Hi Roland, 

From today is working the tourist police. All routes are under highest  control. 

best regards, Nigina


Kubanych 2 years ago

Dushanbe for the Pamirs. The situation as before good. Do not be afraid. The police work very well and strengthened mode. So friends in the way. Tourists are already going to the pamir. there are bicycles. all is well.

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