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Question: Carving rock info near lake Tolbo

can someone tell me what is the name of this "Rock Carving" in the area of Lake Tolbo?

Te best

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Nurbol 2 years ago

Hello Luciano, 

My uncles name is Himbat. There is no any tourist camp available. We have a tourist camp on the northern side of the lake Tolbo nuur.

The name of this area is Sunkuk.



luciano 2 years ago

Hello Nurbol,

thanks for your answer.

We'd like to know what is the name of this "Rock Carving"site... (?)

I know that there is a tourist ger camp...Is Bek your uncle ?

Thanks again


Nurbol 2 years ago


The location if this area is our summer camp of my unlcles.

If you are interested i can take you there


Burnee and team

Burnee and team 2 years ago

It seems there is no specific name for this. This has many rock cliffs. 

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