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Question: Driver almaty airport to cholpon ata



I am an asking for quotes for transport from Almaty airport to cholpon ata in September.  One way journey


Thank you

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Marat 2 years ago

Hello!price for you 115$.Marat.


Azat 2 years ago

Dear Bianca,

i can gladly can help to organaizd transfer from Almaty airport to Cholpon-Ata with good experienced driver with comfortable car . Also my driver can show some beautiful places.

transfer with small tour will  be cost 200$

With best regard , Azat


Marat 2 years ago

Hello!I'm ready to ride to Cholpon-Ata for $ 115. Marat


Erkin 2 years ago

Hi. if you need just for transfer it's better find taxi in Almaty Airport, rout distance near 500 km.

best option go on taxi to the border. cross border on foot and take taxi to Cholpon Ata. cheapest option and many offers.

if you want admire some beautiful places and mountain, I can offer you route through mountains. real off road way  but very beautiful. duration - 1 day.


Nurai 2 years ago


Could you please write how many people you are?

Best regards,



Mukash 2 years ago

Hello, i can provide this transport service for 200$. Please let me know if interested. Best regards, Mukash



Ahmet 2 years ago

Dear Bianca,

We can offfer you a comfortable trip with fast border crossing. Total price for the transfer will be $137.

Happy to answer on additional questions. 



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