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Question: Kyrgyzstan in April

Hello, me and 5 more friends are going to visit Kyrgyzstan next April, we wanted to visit Karakol and do some trekking there, then going to Song Kul and probably finish our trip in Osh. Is it possible to go those places or there is too much snow? Are there yurts were sleep in that date?

Thanks a lot.

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Alex 3 years ago

Dear Jose,

My name is Alex and I have been in Kyrgyzstan for the last 3 years and I love it here.  Any time of the year is a great time to come to Kyrgyzstan!  April is a great time to see the end of the winter season and the start of the spring season. You will see snowcapped peaks and soon to be green hills.  In the Bishkek / Osh area will be the best areas to explore because of the lower attitude and warmer weather.  I would plan to be flexible and have a good jeep / driver just in case you get stuck in the mud or snow if you go to higher grounds.

In the Bishkek there is a lot to see and do near the Ala Archa area.  It’s great for day treks.  There are 3 or 4 gorges that are worth exploring.

In Karakol 1700m it’s possible to stay at a small Yurt Camp in the city.  It’s really a nice place with WiFi and heated Yurts which is a must because it can still get cold at night.  

Also near Karakol there is a place called Altyn Arashan that is 100% worth seeing any time of the year!  It’s an alpine hut with hot springs and wild mountains!  It’s a great place to take horses there and back.  You might be lucky if they have the Yurts already built but it’s hard to say when they will build them.  

SonKul will be closed for sure! I would think about going to Tash Rabat and spend a night in the Yurts there.  It’s going to be very cold at ~3200 m but it’s worth seeing and exploring!

If you have time head down to Osh and make many stops on the way.  Seeing Arslanbob and the Osh area is great for seeing local culture but it’s not really the best time to go trekking into the high mountains. 

In conclusion, you and your friends will have an amazing time in Kyrgyzstan just make sure to bring the right equipment and have the right expectations.  If you would like to hire a self-driving tour or a fully guided tour let me know or if you would like some information and maps I can help you with this as well. 




Hélène 3 years ago


I'm also planning to come in Kyrgyzstan in April.

I was thinking something like Osh --> Sari Mogul --> Uzgen --> Arslanbob --> Tash Rabat caravaserail --> Chatyl Kol and Kol Suu --> Tash Bashat --> Ysuk Kol and a few valleys (including hot springs, petroglyphes) --> Bishkek.

I'm aware it's too ambitious considering weather conditions and my single traveller low budget... So please, could you help me to have a realistic idea of what I will be able to do?

Will roads be open? Are there some buses regularly running between these different areas? Will it be easy to meet some local people ready to drive me to remote places / rend me a horse on the way?



Aigulu 3 years ago

Dear Jose,

My name is Aigulu, me and my family run trekking company in Karakol. What I would like to add for above answers is - there is still a lot to do in April around Karakol too, the trip to Karakol and Osh will cover most of the hilights during the trip. It is better to hire a car as you can stop in any good site on the road. Son-Kol is not a place to visit in April even when it is possible to do a horse ride trip there. From our experience better to go there is summer time.

What you can do is in Bishkek visit Ala-Archa valley. Visit Karakol driving by the north side of the Issyk-Kol by visting some sites on the road, stop for hot springs of course and from Karakol possible to do a hike to Altyn-Arashan hot springs (this one is Must visit! one) possible to do a horse ride there or in a mountains around Karakol, after you can drive a south shore of the lake visting sites like Jety-Oguz gorge, Skazka canyons, Barskoon waterfalls, visit/see Eagle hunting show, Yurt makers. The road from Bishkek to Osh is also very beatiful and full of sites to visit. 

If you want to organise your trip our company can be one of it. We can do all transfers, home stays, Yurt stays in Kyrgyzstan

Any questions are welcome!

Best regards,



Kubanych 3 years ago

Hello, for which the place is not Karakol, Issyk Kul and Son Col April is not very prosperous time. Yurt, also in April, does not happen. Only you can drive a car if it is possible with the weather in Son-Kul. If you want we can arrange a tour. But to be completely happy advise you to come to the end of May or June!

globuslanding 3 years ago

There are a lot of other places to go to in April. Tour around Issik Kul lake is not less a nice area andthe road to Osh is beautiful as well. Could arrange a tour if you are enteresting, send a privaye massage. Thank you.


Asel 3 years ago

Hello Jose, 

Please, conact us to get the best rate for transport to make your trip in April with our 4 WD vehicle for 6 persons.  We will advise you program according to the season and to your interests. 



Marsbek 3 years ago

Hi there

For yurt camps in Song Kol lake very early, road to Song Kol lake will open only midle of may, but in Issyk Kul lake I can find for you yurts for camp. I have a jeep 6 seat places very comfotable. have a nice trip


Beck 3 years ago

Frankly, April is not yet the perfect month for trekking in Kygyzstan.


Marat 3 years ago

Hi please look at my offers in my profile, and my car is especial for your groupe, but that month is not for son-kul lake it still snowy in that time and for yurtcamps. May be its better to visit Arslanboob in Jalal-abad 


A 3 years ago

Hi There

It will be too early time for yurtcamps in Kyrgyzstan but you can do your trip without staying in yurcamps. The nature will give its own beauty views and the weather will be warm in april

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