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Question: Day tour from osh

Goodmorning everyone, 

I would ask if there is some offer to make a day tour (or maybe more than one) drom Osh.

I will be there at the half of october and we will be 2 person,me and my wife.


Thank you! 

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Ulugbek 2 years ago

Osh, Alay,Ozgen, Jalal-Abad etc tour. 100$/day.The price includes 3 times a meal,guiding, transfer. 


Atai 2 years ago

Hello sir,

My name is Atai and i am local tour operator, i know the history of Kyrgyzstan, also i know the best places. Our company has 8 years of experience.

We can offer you a cars - Honda Odyssey 4x4 Business class, Nissan pathfinder 4x4 2005, subaru 4x4, toyota funcargo, nissam tino.


We invite you to a two-day tour to Sary-Chelek. On the way, you will have the opportunity to see the Naryn River, the Toktogul Hydroelectric Power Station, the Tash-Kumyr canyons, we will also stop at Uzgen Minaret Munara and Uzgen Mausoleums (10th century) and make excellent photos. Many amazing and beautiful places of our country await you on the way.

Lake Sary-Chelek, is considered one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. It lies at an altitude of 1940m above sea level. Sary-Chelek State Biosphere Reserve is a specially protected natural territory of Kyrgyzstan, which is located on the Chatkal and At-Oynokh ridges in the Jalal-Abad region. The water in the lake is clear and in summer it is relatively cold. You can swim, and with pleasure. It is believed that Sary-Chelek - a lake of the so-called "zavalnogo" type, it was formed as a result of a mountain block on the river's path. They write that it happened about 30,000 years ago. Until now, the first row of trees begins right next to the water - which is typical for the lagoon lakes. There are also 6 small lakes there: Kylaa-Kel, Iri-Kul, Aram-Kul, Choychok-Kol, Bakaly-Kul, Tuyuk-Kul.

The program of our tour:

1-Day of departure early in the morning from Osh, on the way  we will see the largest river in Kyrgyzstan Naryn, Toktogul hydroelectric station, Tash-Kumyr canyons, Uzgen minaret ans Uzgen Karahanid Mausoleum (i will add pic of it). After lunch, arrive in Sary-Chelek, horseback riding, free time and a walk along the lake and the reserve. Dinner at the local house and overnight in the yurts or in the local guest house.

2 -Day After breakfast, walk along the lake, free time, you can ride a boat on the lake. In the evening departure to Osh.

The cost of tour for two persons is 650$.

The cost of the tour includes:

- Transfer Osh-Sary-Chelek-Osh
- entrance to the reserve
- accommodation (one night in a yurt or in a guest house at will)
- meals in 1-day lunch in Jalal-abad entrance, dinner in Sary-chelek, 2-day breakfast, lunch (on the way) 
- riding on the day of arrival
- guide services

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