Question: Looking for travel buddies for 12d uzbek+turkmeni tour 18/9

Hi everyone,

I’m putting out feelers to see if anyone is interested to do a 12 day tour of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and costs are cheaper if there are more people !

I am a solo female traveller (25 from Singapore/Australia) planning to start it on 18th September and am flexible by a few days. I might also ask to make it a 10 day trip.

However, if you are interested and haven’t applied for a turkmenistan visa, we will have to do that ASAP as it takes up to a month to process

Feel free to message me

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Inom 10 months ago


How are you doing?

I am happy that you decided to visit our country. I offer you unforgetable tour to Uzbekistan. Regarding to Turkmenistan I have good partner who makes you visa support and arranges Turkmen tour. Please send me rough tour itinerary.


best regards,


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