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Question: kyrgyzstan october - doable?


I am planning to visit Kyrgyzstan starting October 12th. I would like to include in my itinerary (but not limited, open to suggestions!) :

- Burana tower
- Skazka fairy tale canyon
- Song Kol
- Kok Moynak
- Kol suu
- Tash Rabat

what do you think fo the itinerary? What should include (must'see)? do you thik 10 days is enough?

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Atai 2 years ago


My name is Atai and i am local tour operator, i know the history of Kyrgyzstan, also i know the best places. Our company has 8 years of experience.

We can offer you a car - Honda Odyssey 4x4 Business class, Nissan pathfinder 4x4 2005.

Day 1 - Airport pick up. Short Bishkek city tour- we will see Osh Bazaar Lunch/dinner & traditional Kyrgyz concert at national ethnic restaurant(there will be a little show programm) then we will see the panorama(place on top of the mountain, we will see whole Bishkek city). Overnight at hotel in the centre of Bishkek.

Day 2: Hike to Ala Archa National park, trekking to waterfall (8 hours) , lunch at Alaarcha park(for lunch we suggest "Shashlik" meet on grill) then we will head to Tashtar ata shamanistic place. Dinner at local restaurant "Faiza". Overnight at hotel.

Day 3: Transfer to Burana tower, Chon kemin national park, then to Issykkul district to the city Balykchy.Overnight at a guesthouse.

Day 4: Transfer to Cholpon Ata region which is in Issykkul lake, by the way we will stop at the Burana tower, lunch at Boom mounatins. Relax by the lake. Lunch/dinner & overnight in a guesthouse.

Day 5: Chon Oruktuu hot springs swimming for hour -drive to Karakol city tour - then drive to Jeti Oguz national park. Dinner & Overnight in a guesthouse or in a national Yurt. Lunch on the way and dinner( kuurdak in the Karakol).

Day 6: Barskoon waterfalls- horseriding for two hours to see three beautiful waterfalls.

Then we drive to Fairytale canyon - Bokonbaevo yurt camp. Lunch/dinner in the national Yurt.

Day 7: Drive to Tash-rabat - At-Bashi-Kochkor. Overnight in guesthouse.

Day 8: Drive to Song kul lake. Overnight in yurt near the lake.

Day 9: Drive to Issyk ata, we can swimm in the hot waters(swimming pool), trekking to waterfall (5 hours). Lunch on the way. Dinner at our Kyrgyz family as bonus(we will host you as guests to show kyrgyz hospitality, also to see the regular life of kyrgyz people. Overnight at hotel in Bishkek.

The price for this tour will be 1200$.

All included in price:

-Three time meals.

- Accomodation

- Car, driver (also a guide with a good english),petrol, drivers expences.

- entrances

Due to the weather (it gets really snowy in there) the road to Kel-suu lake might be closed thats why i replaced it with a tour to Song kul lake, which is also very beautiful.

But if the road will be open we will go to Kel-Suu lake)



Aigulu 2 years ago

Hello, to see the Kol-Suu you need to get birder zone permit and this year the lake doesn't have water.

Check for weather forecast.

It will be cold up at Son-Kol and most if the Yurts will move down.




Alexey 2 years ago


Sure,it's possible! It could be some snow in the mountains but in October all those places are accessible by good SUV .

Lust year we went to Kelsuu in February...

Best wishes 




Marsbek 2 years ago


10 days will be enough to see this places visiting Kol Suu .  It will cost 1600$ all including for 10 days 1 person.

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