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Question: Bicyle rental - Pamirs

I'm planning a 2-3 month trip through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. We're really into trekking and mountaineering so most of trip will be focussed on this. Though we would love to get a complete experience and cover more ground by getting a bicycle in Tajikistan - Pamirs. Since we won't be riding bikes the whole trip, we would like to rent some. However, most people take their own bicycles for these kind of trips and therefore the rental possibilities seem pretty rare...

We would like to do something like Dunshanbe - Osh, because i guess these would be the best and probably only place to get them. Or do a circle and come back through the Bartang Valley if the bicycles have to be returned at the same place.

So looking for companies that rent decent tour bicycles.

Thank you.

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Alovaddin 3 years ago

Hi Hans!

We have a MTB trip from 14-28 August whihc h guranteed and fixed date. Will you be interested in joing this trip? The itenerary of the trip also include a trekking program in Fann mountains through Kaznok Pass (4040m).

You can find more information: http://indy-guide.com/en/listings/1572-mtb-trip-in-fann-mountains-and-yagnob-valley

Let me know if you need more details.




Jafar 3 years ago

Hi, Hans! 

I have two MTB's I can rent out. $10/day.

When do you need them?



Hans 3 years ago

Dear all,

The trip is planned from Juli to September, we have yet to decide WHEN during this period we would plan the 2-3 week cycle trip. We're a party of two people. 


Kubanych 3 years ago

Hey. When do you plan? and how many of you people?

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