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Question: Where are the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan

I will be visiting Almaty for 2 weeks beginning September 23rd.  I would like to explore the famous wild apple forests of Kazakhstan's Tien Shan mountains. I have heard that these forests can be difficult to find due to logging in recent years does anyone have any advice about where to look for them or how to reach them.  Do you think that this would be a reasonable day trip with a base out of Almaty? I am thinking about renting a car but don't have one lined up yet.

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Daniyar 2 years ago

Hi Alex, 

It is hard to believe it, but Malus Sieverii wild apple is more that 50 million years old and is the Adam and Eve of all 6 thousand kinds of apples in the world! The forests are located near Sarkand north east of Almaty. You could go explore the forests in this time of year, but they blossom in May.

Cheers and keep being amazed!



Tatyana 2 years ago


I read about big arial of wild apple trees in natural boundary Taldybulak souther than Malovodnoe village. 

I will be glad to help you.

Kind regards



Dildabek 2 years ago

Hi Alex,

Hope you have enough information now about wild apples of Kazakhstan.

Yes, it is proven scientific fact that modern cultivated apples originate from wild apples of Western Tien Shan.

I am not sure about the forests, but there are some small groves in Sayram- Ugam National park near Shymkent city, where I take my guests every week. Personally, I love to eat them, the taste is very rich and deep. An amazing taste that you will not find in cultivated apples

Just few days ago I have harvested few kilos of wild apples to my home.

Come and see us.







Valeriya 2 years ago

Dear Alex!

Wild apple forests are located in the Tarbagatai mountains in the Urdzhar region of East Kazakhstan. Here grows the apple tree of Sivers and other varieties of wild apple trees.



Zhanar 2 years ago


Actually wild apple trees in the area of Big Amaty Lake,  different types and colours and tastes 

Best regards 



Dmitriy 2 years ago

Good day, to date, this information is very small, as many nurseries today died or abandoned.


Islam 2 years ago

Welcome to South Kazakhstan to see some wild apple's trees in Western Tyan Shyan mountains.



Maksat 2 years ago


They used to be above Almaty. Try to look at Almarasan and Talgar areas.

Also can help you to arrange a good car to discover area.


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