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Question: Where to stay in Almaty and Astana?

Where is a good mid range hotel that is near to the center and local travels to stay in Almaty and Astana?

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Sergey 2 years ago

We can offer you Apart Hotel Lessor.

9 different apartments in historical center of Almaty. We have studio apartments and 2 rooms apartments. All our properties are private apartments.



Aliya 2 years ago

Hi ! You can stay in ibis hotel and kazzhol Astana /Almaty , the prices is very good and service too ! Aliya 


Victoria 2 years ago

Renion Park hotel,almatybackpackers hostel

Kind regards,



Igor 2 years ago

It depends on for how long and what budget you possess. 

Madina Danina

Madina Danina 2 years ago

D'rami, renions, parasat, salems, tyan shayns. 



Ati 2 years ago

You can find some good options here: indy-guide.com/kazakhstan/hotels


Nigina 2 years ago


Kaz Zhol Hotel Almaty/Astana

best regards, 


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