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Question: Tracking The Old Silk Road

Tour the Karakoram Highway (from Kashgar to Islamabad or vice versa) with the focus on Hunza Valley. Time: April, May 2019. 8 to 12 Days Program. Prefer to join with like minded people to share cost.

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Raziullah 2 years ago

Hi sir we have people interested to join the mentioned tour mostly wishing to start from China entering to Pakistan via khunjarab pass .

If your dates match with others we can arrange this trip for you if dates don't match we can arrange a private tour for you please advise.

Please do feel free to ask anything which may not be clear.




Samiya 2 years ago

Warm greetings JuanMao,

We offer trips and tours in Pakistan especially in Karakorum, please let us know the details, What is your nationality? and how many people are you? We are licensed company and we also assist our customers with visa invitation letter, permit and NOC.

Please let us know, so that we will provide you the itinerary as per your plan.

Warm Regards, Samiya

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