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Looking for travel fellows: Central, Gobi and Khovsgol 27 June -11July

Hi there,

I'm looking to join a group to go to the following places if possible :




Yolyn Am

Khongaryn Els 



And anywhere in between if at all possible. 

I'm currently in UB and would like to leave between 27th or 28th June and return on 10th or 11th July to see the Nadaam Festival if possible.   I'm in Mongolia until 20th July so after Nadaam in UB it would be nice to either go East for a few days or West to see the Eagle Hunters.


Any help would be greatly appreciated 

  • Travel Month: June 2016

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johanna 4 years ago

hey there, we want to do a tour by hired car to khövsgöl lake with some,stops on the way from 2.-10.7. Text me if you are interested :)


Meg 4 years ago


We do have Gobi and Central Mongolia trip leaving on the 28th confirmed. Right now 2 people confirmed. this morning we sent 12 days trip as well. I should have replied you on Sunday. 




Muugii & Team

Muugii & Team 4 years ago

Hello dear.

I have Naadam tour between 3-13 july which is included Gobi, Yolyn am, Bayanzag, Khongor Sand Dune, Kharkhorin and Naadam festival in UB. 

After this I can provide you with tour to your desired destinations with best price. 

Waiting your contactvia Indy Guide.

All the best.



TAMI and NOMADS 4 years ago

Hi dear, we have Naadam festival tour from 8,July-13,July.

Itinerary: Kharkhorin-Elsentasarkhai/Sand dunes-Naadam festival 

You are welcome to join with 2people who are booked already if you are interesting.

Thanks a lot.


Soko and friends

Soko and friends 4 years ago


Nice to meet you via Indy-Guide. 

Yes we do have tour as folowing your request. leaveit yeton tommorrow. The tour has cornirmed  already. Just inly My tour dater hasnt confirmed rither leaves on 27 or 28 yhat is for sure. If you want to meet us and discuss your trip, Let me know asap via Indy-Guide. 



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