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Question: Border Zone Permit for Kara-Su Valley


How do I get a permit for the Kara-Su valley, and how much does it cost?

Thanks, Brian

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Erkin 1 years ago

Hi Brian. You can easily to order border permits in Kyrgyzstan. Every touristic company have this service. But you will wait 2 weeks at least. If you want urgently, you should pay 2 times more. And wait 2-3 days.

I can arrange for you permit for Kara Suu Valley. Or border zone permit for all regions in Kyrgyzstan for one year. Just write me or order my service https://indy-guide.com/en/listings/8042-permits-for-the-all-border-zones-in-kyrgyzstan


Zhunusbek 1 years ago

 Karasu valley in Karavshin 


Alex 1 years ago

I don't blieve that without local experience you can get the permit. anyway good luck

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