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Question: How is the weather in the Fann Mountains in July?


I’m so curious about Tajikistan and hiking the Fann Mountains. Thinking of going there in July when I have my summer break. I haven’t planned anything yet but I prefer simple accommodation as sleeping in tent if it takes me to the most amazing views :)

How’s the weather in the Fann Mountains in July? What should you prepare for if you sleep in tent? 

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Turat 1 years ago

hello. in July in the mountains of Fann is very good weather for tracking the night on the tent is great you are relaxing well.

Alex & brothers

Alex & brothers 1 years ago

Weather in july usually clear and warm and you will have amazing views if you want fan mountains pamirhighway tour is your choice im expiriensed driver and guide i was working in pamirhighway tours about ten years contact me if you interested


Sher 1 years ago

It is rather hot 


Denis 1 years ago

In July in fanns ok, but sometimes you can meet open ice on chimtarga pass and on the same ( 4500 and higher ) altitude 

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