Question: Uzbek/Turkmenistan/Tajikistan

any border crossing tours? 

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Erkin 7 months ago

Hy Hanis. I'm working on a combined tour through 3 country's - Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. And i want to collect people for this to share cost. Like tour for little grop, maximum 10 person in two vehicles. I will write you soon personally, ok?


Inom 7 months ago

Hi Hanis!

I hope you are doing well. 3 or 5 stan tour are attracting more people recent years; active life in Fann and Pamir mountains, fairytale ancient cities and endless Karakum desert, life in the oasis’s.

But berofe planning and purchasing tickets, there are some issues, you must consider while:

1) Getting Turkmen visa is a bit weird( only 35% of my clients got LOI despite of several time attempts and huge local companies. It somehow looks like a lottery.) So first apply for Turkmen visa. Then getting Uzbek and Tadjik visa don’t make you any struggles unless you got all documents ok.

2) After some occasions in Pamir, tourists a bit suspicious about tours to Tadjikistan. But we are offering active and nomadic tours on the southern Tajikistan discovering Fann mountains and amazing lakes. And it’s give no less impression than the Pamir.

best regards,



Aziz 7 months ago

Good day dear, my name is Aziz. 

We will organise your combined tour to Central Asia. Let us know all infos about your group pax, budget..... 

Have a nice day 


Nigina 7 months ago

Dear Hanis,

Please let us to know the dates you want to travel and more details  in according to your budget, group , and wishes.

and we will prepare for you the best tour  

Best regards, 


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