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Question: Help with Kyrgyzstan Itinerary, please.

Hello, we are planning on going to Kyrgyzstan for eleven days in June (11.-22.6.) - we want to rent a car and travel around the country. Our plan is go from Bishkek to Tokogul, Andijan (Uzbeksitan), Osh, Son Kul, Bokonbayevo, Koysar, Balakchy and back to Bishkek, and we'd like to ask whether the road through Son Kul is passable in June and whether it is realistic to get there from Osh in one day. Also, if you have any tips for what to see along the route or what we shouldn't miss, we would be grateful. And do you by any chance have any recommendation on car rental companies in Bishkek? We would like a Lada Niva or similar car.

I am looking forward to your answer. Thanks a lot...


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Alex 1 years ago

Dear Rostislav,

It's great to meet you here on Indy Guide.  I see you are looking to rent a 4x4 and travel thought Kyrgyzstan and Uzbeksitan and see Osh and Song Kol and pass the Kazerman pass possiblty?  At the start of June it can be a bit hard to say whats possible.  If you rent a Niva make sure to take an extra gas can if you plan to travel this far.  From Kochkor to Kazerman village there is no gas stations or options to find places to fill up.  The gas tanks on the Niva are not so large.  My advice would be to cut out Uzbekistan from your trip since you only have a few days in Kyrgyzstan and driving for 6 hours a day is not a lot of fun.  If you have questiosn about renting a 4x4 Niva or a 4x4 camper van let me know how I can help you.  




Maksat 1 years ago

Hi. Sonkul in June is possible. But some years beginning of June was still lot of snow on some passes. There are 5 ways to get there. In one day too much driving. If you start in Balykchy you can go there via Kalmak Ashuu or 33 parrots which is a bit further but more scenic. Than take the road via Kazarman to get to Jalal-Abad. You can do it in 2 days. Also possible in one but a bit too risky. Plus I am sure you would like to enjoy nature on the way. Worth to stay for the night at yurts in Sonkul and if you're lucky with clear sky you'll see amazing views on the stars.

Niva is a good car but my personal choice is Japanese cars. For comfort and more reliable.

If you have more questions feel free to contact directly.



Mirbek 1 years ago

Hi travellers.

Do you mind travelling your self.

Could you read my listing, please. 


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