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Question: Over land from Nepal to Kyrgyzstan, through Tibet/China

Hello there!

We plan to be in Nepal from sometime March until the end of May 2019 (more or less). After, we'd like to travel over land to Kyrgyzstan. We'd like to go through Tibet/China. Is that possible? If yes, how could we do that, what do we need to do it? Thank you for your help.


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Maksat 1 years ago

Yes sure. There are two border cross. Torugart which will get you to Naryn region and Irkeshtam which will get you to Southern part of Kyrgyz Republic .

Let me know how many days you have for KGZ and I can help you with itinerary.




Kubanych 1 years ago

 hello, I Kubanych organize tours in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Pamir. We can meet you on the Kyrgyz border Irkeshtam in Kyrgyzstan and can start with the Pamir mountain, Lenin Peak, and then across Kyrgyzstan. get into contact with me. also see my profile.

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