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Question: Transport from Almaty to Turkmenstein?

I'm planning my trip is early June and is looking to visit Turkmenstein after arriving in Almaty. What are the possible routes / means of transport I can take (group of aorund 6) from Almaty to preferably Ashgabat? How is the pricing for flights then for the route? Will it be more economical to first travel domestically with flights to near the Kazah-Turk Border and then enter Turkmenstein by land?



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Eilidh 1 years ago

Hi Chester,

By far the best way to get from Almaty to Ashgabat is by flight. Turkmenistan Airlines has two flights a week - Friday afternoon and late Sunday night/early Monday morning. It's the only direct flight between Ashgabat and another Central Asian city. Until a few months ago the only way to book tickets with Turkmenistan Airlines was in person in an office, however they do now have a working website, so you can buy them online now too. The tickets are usually around $200 one-way, though they do vary, so just have a look yourself.

The land border between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan is very heavily restricted, and even if you did manage to get permission to cross it, it's then very expensive to get from the border to anywhere else in Turkmenistan as it's very remote. 

The other way to do it by land would be to go through Uzbekistan, which is a good way to do it if you want to also see Uzbekistan, but obviously takes more time and money than just flying directly.

Hopefully that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.



Maksat 1 years ago

Dear Chester,

There is a land border between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan but it's not working now. 

Best way to come to Turkmenistan by air. There are two flights in a week.

Best regards, Maksat 

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