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Question: Train Ulan bator - Irkutsk

Hello :)


I will go to travelling Mongolia on April and leaves on Wednesday 10th to Irkutsk by train. I am trying to find a train ticket for booking online in website but it showed that have train number 3,5,305 leaves on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Friday only. (no have for Wednesday)

 But I found that Train number 263 go to Irkutskeveryday (it not show for booking in website)

 So, I want to know Train number 263 is available on April right? and I have to booking ticket at the office by myself in Mongolia? 


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Tamir 2 years ago

Hi. i think the Train number 263 is a local train from ulaanbaatar to sukhbaatar.

I know the Train number 305 and 306 are Irkutsk-Ulaanbaatar/Ulaanbaatar-Irkutsk.

You can call to International Railway Ticket phone : 21-242471 or look at the website  eticket.ubtz.   mn .


Jambalsuren 2 years ago

Hi , yes as Tamir mentioned you can book it on https://eticket.ubtz.mn/home but unfortunately it is all in Mongolian language, so please try you contact with online chat. 
Or  you may can ask some local people to order it or buy it by personaly when you come Mongolia .

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