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Question: Drone usage in Tajikistan - Permission?

Hello every body! I wont use my drone in Tajikistan. Any body now, how long i need to wait permission for using dron in Tajikistan? Thanks a lot

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Said 7 months ago

Hello. This is a private tour company in Tajikistan. If you use drone for no bad targets,there would be no problem. And also let me mention that we  have some specialist drone managers. So if there any services for us to do we are ready to help. Thanks!


Sher 1 years ago

Basically, you don't need any permit unless you are going to fly your drone above the crowd of people (City downtown, market places etc). And if you gonna use your drone to capture some nature and views there will be no problem. I often see tourists flying their drones in my village. 


Saidbek 2 years ago

Before this permission were given by minister of culture but now you shoul adress comitee of national  security. Response will be in one week and sometimes more.

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