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Question: Transportation Bishkek - Kochkor & Kochkor - Osh


I'm planning to land in Bishkek and get a quick view of the country before moving to the Pamir Highway.
How easy/hard is it to find transport between these towns and how long do they take?

  • Bishkek to Kochkor or Kyzart (is it possible to leave in the evening?)
  • Kochkor or Kyzart to Osh

Furthermore, would it be possible to arrange on the same day I get there a 2 or 3 day Horse Hiking trip from Kochkor/Kyzart to Son Kul and back ? I think it would be cheaper than going through CBT or Shepherd's Life, but the problem is organizing it on the same day...

I want to go to kochkor or kyzart and do the 2/3 day horseback trek to Son Kul on Monday May 8th. And then go to Osh at the end of the trek.

Thanks !

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Marsbek 4 years ago

I can meet you in aerport and drive you to Kochkor - Kyzart organize horse back trip to Song Kol, 1-2 days yurt camp  and drive  you to Osh thrue Suusamyr vallay 600$


Myrzabek 4 years ago

Lake SongKol available only from mid June for horseback riding tours. This year was heavy snowing in Kyrgyzstan and SongKol valley will have been under snow still in May, I am sure. What can be possible it is do horse riding to Kilemche gorge from Kyzart village, stay in the shepherd's wintering hut and try to do day horseback riding to SongKol over the single trail pass Tuz Ashuu and come back for evening to the hut by same way. 


Marsbek 4 years ago


I can drive you from Bishkek to Kochkor and Kyzart, organize horse and guide to Song Kol lake yurt and to Osh by 4WD jeep thrue Suusamyr vallay. I know very good that road. Good by.


Alex 4 years ago

Dear Gael,

Sorry to inform you but it’s impossible to go horseback riding to SonKul in May.  SonKul will open the 2nd week of June this year, people think.

If you wish to take public transport, I would go to Kemin near Bishkek.  It’s a great place for horseback riding and its worth seeing.  It takes 2 hours go get to Kemin and 1 day of horseback riding and the next day you fly to Osh.  

Also, if your worried about CBT’s prices to SonKul I would not do the Pamir highway because it’s not really that cheep. Kyrgyzstan is still much cheaper than Tajikistan. 




Kubanych 4 years ago

I am able to organize car km on 0.45 dollars.


Marsbek 4 years ago

I can organize horses and yurt camp in Song Kol


Marsbek 4 years ago

Hi Gael

I am a Kyrgyz guide and driver I were been in Kyzart village 3 years ago with US journalist. I know man Mayrambek kyrgyz guide he has good strong  horses. He can be carried out on horseback to the lake and back.


A 4 years ago

Hi There

It is not easy to find share taxi or minbus to go through those cities. You will have to wait till the car full with other passangers. I would reccomend you local driver with their own car to take from Bishkek -Kochkor-Kyzart -Song-Kul-Osh. Have a check my offers I have good drivers and horsmen to orgonize your trip. If you have any othet questions please contact.


Amin 4 years ago

Hello, we can arrange a transfer from Bishkek to Osh with English speaking driver.  Cost $600 you can also arrange a visit to the Pamirs


Gaël 4 years ago

I want to go to kochkor or kyzart and do the 2/3 day horseback trek to Son Kul on Monday May 8th. And then go to Osh at the end of the trek.

Best regards

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