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Question: Local Music and Creative in Bukhara, Samarkand or Tashkent?

I'm a photographer who would like to photograph the local music scene with the traditional instruments, etiher practicing, making instruments, performing or anything else related to traditional music or music made with a combination of traditional and western instruments.  Perhaps this centers around a special event or not.  I'm considering staying another week from May 7-13 in either Bukhara, or Samarkand, and then leaving from Tashkent. I will be interested in creative arts, making art, cooking, music or performance, or special events such as weddings, special celebrations with local families.  If you know of anything happening druing this time perios and can arrange for me to visit and photograph, I would be interested in talking to you.

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Elyorbek 3 years ago

If you wish come to Ferghana valley, you can see here many different traditions and customs. Such as wedding parties, parties after wedding, national foods (the best is homemade), Kelinsalom (is something after wedding bride sees her new parents first time and say Hello Assalamu alaykum). Every area of Uzbekistan have different and colourful clothes, traditions. If you wish just to use my services (I am a local guide) just ask from site administrators my contact details. I am always ready to help you. 


Shodiyor 3 years ago

Hi Joanne

my name is Shodiyor

i am a guide  i can invite you for wedding in our village

and we can organise you cooking of plov national dish of Uzbekistan

and other folk shows

best regards


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