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Question: When is the At Chabysh festival this year?

When is the At Chabysh festival this year?

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Begaly 2 years ago

Pamir Nomad's Festival Aug 10-11, held on In Murgab

Yak Festival
20th of July (Saturday 2019)
Location - Alpinists basecamp Lenin Peak 3600m above sea level
From 10 am to 18:00 pm


Ibrahim 2 years ago

Dear Doris,

Hope my email finds you doing well.

Usually At Chabysh happens in the beginning of August. The dates are not fixed.

However, the dates for the anual Roof of the World Festival (fesitval of musik, dance and food) which takes place in Khorog are already set. It is July 26,27,28. You will have real fun there.

With my warmest regards,



Doris 2 years ago

Which day in august? 
We will know that later during the year?
I'll be in August there. We'd like to plan the trip to be at the festival on our way.


Kubanych 2 years ago


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