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Question: transport from Khiva to Buchara

We are seven people with cabin lugagge (8/10 kg) travelling from Khiva to Buchara on 26th April. We are travelling in our own

We need transport, van or similar

It is possible? How much does it cost ?

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Inom 1 years ago

Hi dear ! 

There are variety of  transferings from Khiva to Bukhara thus by car , railway and plane.

If you want luxury and fast way of transferring here - Daily local flights for you ( URG-BUC)

For more budget way , you must take tramway from Khiva to Urgench (30km and costs about 4000 UZS) then take private ( roughly 300000 UZS for car ) or share taxi ( about 70000 UZS) but you have to wait until full of people. 

Another way of transferring is via train which costs about 70000 UZS. That is quite exciting to stare to Kyzilkum desert though the train’s window. You can get the train straightly from Khiva. After arrival to the station to Kagan (20 km away from all Bukhara) you can take Mashrutka cost about 4000-5000 UZS or shared taxi 5000-6000 IZS . 

Have a safe and enjoyable journey!

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