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Question: Heading to Pakistan for 2 nights / 3 days

I’ve traveled to 121 countries already and I’m traveling to all of the Central Asian countries this March- April 2019.

Looking for a tour provider that could help me with invitation letters and few days of tour and hotel accommodation / homestay. I still carry a Philippines Passport.

I’m a travel writer/travel blogger at twomonkeystravelgroup.com and mrandmrshowe.com while I also write for different magazines.

If there’s any agency keen on doing a FAM trip/ press trip/ exchange deal/ Promotional Free Trip in exchange for promotions on the website, magazine and social media, please reach out (we have more than 600K followers on social media). I can promote and mention your website in my travel guide articles plus I can give you professional photos that you can use to advertise your services and tour.

I also have readers who are looking for tour operators for group tours and I’m thinking of leading a group there in the near future.

I will be traveling on my own and will arrange all the flight tickets if needed or can cross the border by land.

  • March 19 to 22 (3 nights) - Arrival in Kazakhstan
  • March 22 to 27 (5 nights) - Mongolia
  • March 27 to March 31 (4 nights) - Kyrgyzstan
  • March 31 to April 05 ( 5 nights) - Tajikistan (and side trip to Afghanistan)
  • April 05 to 08 (3 nights) - Uzbekistan
  • April 08 to April 12 (4 nights) - Turkmenistan (must see: Darwaza)
  • April 12 to 15 (3 nights) - Iran
  • April 15 to 17 (2 nights) - Pakistan
  • April 17 to 19 ( 2 nights) - Kazakhstan
  • April 19 - Fly back to New York

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Hussain 1 years ago


 Greetings from Hunza Travel Service, Pakistan



 We “Hunza Travel Service” are the designated tour operator in Pakistan for last 29 years in the sector of tourism. 

For further information/assistance you are more than welcome. 

Hunza Travel Service organizes and operates treks, jeep safaris, culture tours, mountaineering, and all overland trips to and from China. 

 Best regards,

Hussain Ali

Web: www.hunzatravel.com

Email: hunzats@comsats.net.pk / hunzatravel@gmail.com



Saleem 2 years ago

Hi There  How are you sir. 

I'm Saleem MD of Hunza Trek & Tours based in Hunza Valley _Pakistan. Went through your query and I would like to arrange the requirments for you (Hotel  Transport) in exchange to promote my company.

Make sure that you are landing in Islamabad. 


Write me back for further info /questions. 


Respect and Regards, 


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