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Question: Train tickets in Uzbekistan in advance?

Hi, What is the best way to buy tickets for Uzbek sleeper trains in advance? Especially if I'd like to buy them from abroad? I am not sure which site to trust with the information. 

Also I didnt really find information on the Samarkand Sariasya ticket price and schedule. Is there any site I can check?


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Sanjar 3 years ago

Hi Orsolya,

You may buy tickets online by this uzbek railways official site http://railway.uz/en/

You can find all necessary information in english here. You may ask me if you need extra help.





Elyorbek 3 years ago


You can buy and check e tickets here. 


Orsolya 3 years ago

Thank you Sanjar.

I havent found any information on this online. Only the ones listed on the seat61 website. Which did not mention this page. 

Thanks again



Shodiyor 3 years ago

Hello dears

We have Train ticket Samarkand-Sariasya.You must look web-site of Uzbekistan Realways company.  If you want we can buy it for you.But you will pay us via Western Union!

Thank you


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