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Number of days: two to three days

Places: outside Bishkek, may prefer south part of Issyk kul lake, Song Kol lake, hot springs, altyn arashan...

Any trip suggestions?

Thank you very much!

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Atai 1 years ago

Hello, i would suggest you a trip to Song kul lale

1 day - Song kul lake 

2 day - Tash rabat 

3 day - Kyzyl oy - Suusamir - Too-Ashuu (arrival to Bishkek) 


Alban 1 years ago

Day 1 drive to Karakol on the way visit of Semenov and Gregoriev gorges at arrival sleep in a hotel in Karakol.

Day 2 drive to Altynarashan at arrival visit of hotsprings..get back in the evening sleep in hotel in karakol

Day 3 drive to Bokonbaevo on the way visit of Jetioguz after Barskoon valley after Skazka canyon..sleep in a guesthouse 

Day 4 drive to Bishkek on the way trekking in Konorchok canyons

This could be  a nice trip for 3 days or 4 


Aman 1 years ago

Detailed description of the itenery

1 Day: set off from Bishkek to Burana tower and museum. 2 hours of driving. 

Visiting tower and museum . History of the tower. 1 hour.

Set off From Burana to Konorchok canyon. 2 hours  of driving and back to café have a great lunch

After lunch take a way to  Song Kul lake which is situated on the mountain 3200m high from altitude.4:30-5 hours of trip. And we will have dinner  in a shepherd's house and feel like a shepherd. We will stay there. 

2 day: we will have horse riding after the breakfast around the lake. It takes  3-4 horse riding we will have  lunch. 

After lunch we go to At Bashy where  is Tashrabat stonewall which dates back to 6-9 century. We will have lunch at shepherd house and back to Naryn city and stay in hotel. Having dinner.

3day after the breakfast we will take a way to Kadjy Say. On the way visiting local carpenter's family which does the nomad house (Boz uy ) Yurt. They will give us information about how is the Boz uy prepare the materials and how they do. Only one village where is the Boz uy makes in Kyrgyzstan. 30 minutes. Takes 5 hours and have lunch in a café on the way. 

Then we will go to stay in a or yurt camp near the Skazka fairy tale canyon . And visit Canyon Skazka

And have a motor boat trip near Kadjy say on a Yssykkul lake. And after that we will have dinner and stay in Yurt camp or guest house at your choice. 

4 Day we will go to Barskoon valley and waterfall visiting. Short trekking around the waterfall and valley having lunch we will go to Jetioguz mountain.

Then  will go to Karakol after breakfast and visit famous places of Karakol  museums and galleries.. Visiting bazaar and mosque which was built by Dungans without using any nails.  And we will have dinner in a Dungan family and learn about Dungan nation and culture. 

Staying in a hostel there  and …

5 day we will take a horse riding trip to Karakol valley reaching to Yurt camp we will have lunch and short horseback riding and trekking. And dinner in a yurt camp.  

6 day we have horseback riding and trekking to the Karakol Peak and come back to yurt camp. Having dinner and playing cards)))))))

 7 Day we go to trekking to Alakul lake which is situated on the mountain. And here we need to have Tents and sleeping equipments and cooking equipments. We Will have To stay in tents while our trekking and cooking. Through Alakul lake trekking we pass to Altyn Arashan. It takes 3

days of trekking  with cooking in nature and having fun pleasant time. We could have a chance maybe to see snow leopard. 

We will have an amazing time with amazing views of the Altyn Arashan. And hot spring pool. 

You will never forget. 

9 day in the evening we will be in Karakol hostel having dinner and at your choice going to banya maybe. ))

In the morning after breakfast we take a way to Bishkek visiting hotspring pools and Kyrchyn where the nomad games are held. And through Cholpon ATA we will go to Bishkek. On the way we will have lunch and in Bishkek I can drop you off where you want)))



Gennadiy 1 years ago

Thanks for your intereset! We can orgonize a nice and cheap trip for you! 

1Day - Drive to Karakol by northen part of Issykul , will visit on the way Burana tower, Kegety waterfal , then luch in Cholpon-Ata , visiting museum of Kyrgyz culture, after this will go to Grigoriev gorge and on the mountain road will cross to Semenov gorge, not long stop for ethno village, then relax in hot spring and dinner in Karakol. Sleep 1 night in Karakol hotel! 

2Day - Exursion in Karakol city , visiting a altyn arashan like you prefer by car or by horse, tracking to Altyn Arashan, lunch there and then come back to first point in Altyn-Arashan gorge , dinner national food, sleeping in a yurt or tent ( or hotel if you need a shower and comfort) 

3Day - Breakfast, leaving from Altyn Arashan , visiting a Jeti-Oguz gorge, will do some horseriding to waterfall ( aprox 1 hour) , then visiting a Barskoon gorge and luch on the coast line of Issik-Kul . Then walking between red rocks in a canyon " Fairy Tail" , and non-stop to Kochkor and next Son-Kol lake. Sleeping in Son-Kol lake + dinner. 

4Day - horserding in Sonkol lake, lunch, come back to Bishkek! 


+ Accom-n for hole trip 

+ Water , tea and coffee in a car ( unlimit) 

+ Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner for hole trip

+ All tickets, horseriding. hot springs

+ Guide service

+ Transfer everywhere

Not included: Smoke and Alco , other expensive, girls drugs and rock'n'roll , souvi-s

Each day after trip ( I mean stop for long time in somewhere + 80 USD) 



Kanat 1 years ago


Azamat 1 years ago

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