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Question: Kyrgyzstan hiking in April

My brother and I are looking to go trekking in Kyrgyzstan for 2 days at the end of April. We will be in Bishkek and would like to go on either two day-treks or an overnight trek. We want to go to Issyk Kul and see Fairytale Canyon if possible. Is it possible to hike in those areas in April or will there be too much snow? Are there yurts were sleep in that date? Are there any other recommended trekking options near Bishkek?


Many thanks in advance!

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Aman 12 months ago


Aman 12 months ago

Hi  how are you?

My name is Aman Ubaliev and I am a guide and driver. I can organise you 2 days of tour around Issyk-Kul lake. There wouldn't be snow  at all. 

There many Yurt staying camps. 

We can make round trip around Issyk-Kul lake and visit Fairy tale canyon and Barskoon waterfall. Jetioguz mountain. And on the way back to Bishkek we can make a detour to Cholpon ATA and see stone writings of 4-6 century .

My service costs 300$ with Yurt staying. And some museum entrances.

Many thanks Aman Ubaliev

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