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Looking for travel fellows: July 2017 Travelers for central, North, and possibly Gobi

many places to see, can either do 2x 8-10 day tours, or one big 20-22 day trip. Nadaam in UB.

Burkhan Khaldun, Ikh-Uul Ikh-Uul, Khövsgöl, Tsenher Hot Springs in Orkhon Valley, Gobi Gurvan Saikhan  Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park Khorgo Mountain Ikh Nart

  • Travel Month: July 2017

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brtt 3 years ago

Hi Jess,

Thanks for the message, sorry for the delayed response. I've been doing massive amounts of research on our trip lately. 

We cannot start a tour that late in July. There are 2 people for sure, possibly 3 of us, but we are looking to combine and travel with more people to cut down the costs. We will be entering Mongolia via train from Beijing, on July 1.

We would like to see the south gobi locations and points of interest like Bayanzag and Horin Els from July 2-9 or 10, because we will be joining our Mongolian local friend in Erenhot for Nadaam from 10-16. After Nadaam in Erenhot, we'll venture out again for 2 weeks or possibly 16 days to see orkhon valley and khuvsgul lake July 16-31 pr August 1, and everything in between.

Our budget would be on the slim side, $65-75 per day, possibly a bit more. We DO NOT WANT western accomodation, only ger camps and family homestays. We can be in charge of some of our meals and cooking, but not all. Basically, we are on a students budget, and realize that Mongolia isn't cheap to see so much area, but we have a full month, with only the 10-16 planned, and since we are starting in Cambodia in June, and going through Vietnam and China also, plus the Trans Siberian after Mongolia, we are on a lower end budget. We don't seek or want any comfort, don't wanna ride camels, and the closer to the local culture and lifesyle we can experience, the better. A good driver/mechanic, hopefully with some decent English, plus a mostly reliable 4x4 vehicle and the knowledge of the land, directions and customs would be almoat sufficient in of itself. 

Thanks for your help,

Have a great day!


Jess & Team

Jess & Team 3 years ago


The following details may not be suitable - either because of budget or trip style. I am trialling Indy Guide to see if it is suitable for my small Mongolian business so am responding to your question on the site but do appreciate that the details might not be what you're looking for.

Untamed Mongolia - 23 days - July 22

This is a small group tour - the maximum group size is 6 as this provides all participants with a more flexible style of trip. There are currently 3 bookings.

The trip includes the Gobi, the central Khangai mountains and Khovsgol Nuur. As a solo traveller we would provide you with your own tent at no extra cost.

If you are interested, can you give me a rough idea as to your budget? If I can't be of help then I can recommend some other suggestions for you.

I look forward to hearing from you. Jess

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