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Question: Which areas require a permit in Kyrgyzstan

Which areas need permit

Thanks yakov

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Azamat 9 months ago

Just about any area within the proximity to the international borders of Kyrgyzstan with China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. As it was mentioned, Peak Lenina in Osh region,borders with Tajikistan. You apply in Osh city. Kel-Suu lake which is located in At-Bashy district and borders with China. You can get the border permit in Naryn. Also, You need permit to get to Khan-Tengri which is also located near Chinese border. You apply in Karakol. I think there is also some parts of Chon-Kemin area in Chuy region, (near Kazakhstan border)where you need border permit. I read from the local news, that some tourists got fined for being too close to the border. So, it is advisable to check if you plan on going near international borders. I don't know if there are any exact kilometers as a buffer zone. in At-Bashy for example, almost biggest part of the district is located inside the permit zone from one side starting from Kynda pass and near Torugart checkpoint on the other side. Torugart checkpoint also coincides with the crossing into China, so by default You need a border permit if you want to cross to and fro China overland. hope its helpful.


Daniyar 9 months ago

Peak Lenina area in South of Kyrgyzstan. 


Adi 9 months ago

To Kel-suu lake


Yakov 9 months ago



Adi 9 months ago

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