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Question: The 8 day tour in Tajikistan for this July is perfect!

Do you have any group tours for second or third week in July for the Wakan, Afghanistan to Osh 8 day tour? I am married but going alone. I could share a room with someone to cut down costs. Do I apply for the visas through your tour company? I also need a tour in Turkmenistan to get a letter of invitation. I want to see the crater on the way to Khiva and maybe Merv. How much would that be? I would go first week in July or second week before I go to Uzbekistan, then Dushanbe to meet tour. I can see Uzbekistan on my own to save money toward your Turkmenistan and Tajikistan tours.

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Jamal 2 years ago


Khudoguy 2 years ago

Dear Dana,

You can join our group tour from Dushanbe to Osh in 10 days. The tour includes  also day trip to Afghanistan.

You can check the tour details here and choose a convenient date for you. There is 3 groups with fixed dates on July.


Please, check it up and get back to me with your comments.

Any further question, feel free to contact me.

Best regards



Oriz 2 years ago

You can join our10 days trip Dushanbe-Osh (06.07-15.07) so far only  2 person in  the group. More info about this trip on personal message. For tajik e-visa & GBAO permit you can apply online



Kubanych 2 years ago

individual tours starting from Dushanbe, including the Pamir, Vakhan, one day Afghanistan, the Eastern Pamir, Lenin Peak and Osh. Details on a personal message.


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