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Question: Eagle hunters in april

This question is for olgii based people.

How much is a tour from olgii to a eagle hunter family. Staying overnight 2 nights. Go/see hunting etc. Leaving olgii around 12 april. 2 people

Let me know in private message. 



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Bakhitgul 7 months ago

Dear Yvette 

Hello.My name is Baha .I work as a guide.I m one of the most experienced and trusted guide .I have been working as a guide for 14 years.

I want to offer you a perfect trip.please contact me.

Let me know if you have any question .

Thank you very much.


Takha 7 months ago


My name  is Takha, born and raised in Western Mongolia. I have a family, 1 daughter and 1son. 

I have comportable Toyota Land Criuser /4x4/ and been guiding/driving travelers for four years. 

I know the Altai mountains and roads very well. 


My hobby is fishing and offroad.

We will organize your trip well. 

Lets go on this adventure together

Good luck



Akhjol 1 years ago


Andrey 1 years ago

I can to offer you to visit my ecotourist camp "Urumiin gol" in Orkhon som, Bulgan aymag,  NW of Mongolia in beautiful mountain place near 2 rivers. You can to do good photos, to have intim contact with nomadic life and horse hiking. 1 day in house is 20 USD. 


Bakhitgul 1 years ago

Dear friend.

Hello.My name is Baha.I work as a guide with Indyguide.I want to invite you travel in Western part of Mongolia in Bayan Ulgii.I want to invite you visiting Sagsai town in Olgii.Sagsai is the most famous with amazing Eagle hunters.You will visit legend of Eagle hunters Baytei Akhsakhal s family.


Best regards.



Aynur 1 years ago

Hello dear friend. My name is Aset. I am live olgii in western Mongolia. I am kazakh. Please contact us.  We have tpur company. We can do it. 


Roman 1 years ago

Dear friend, in Mongolia in April is still cold and windy sometimes with snow. I wish to invite you to kazakhstan hunting tour. It includes airport transfer, driver, food, shooting and much more activities. Welcome to Kazakhstan.

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